April 10, 2016
*   HYMNS OF WORSHIP: on insert
     #1 Lord I Lift Your Name on High                 #3  Your Great Name
      #2  Your Grace is Enough                                           #4  Jesus Thank You
      THE HOLY SCRIPTURES:        Psalm 107:10-16 (page 617)
                                                            Philippians 1:12-30 (1174)
                                                Acts 16:25-40 (page 1109)
     THE SERMON: “More Miracles!”
*   CONFESSION OF SIN: (first in silence then in unison)
            [Adapted from prayers of confession by Hughes Oliphant Old]
     C: O Lord, great God, whom we behold in awe and wonder, who has kept covenant and steadfast love with Your people from age to age. We have sinned and done wrong, turning aside from Your commandments and ordinances. We have known in our hearts what is right, and yet we did wrong anyway. We have been fascinated by evil, delighted with pleasing ourselves, satisfying our desires, pampering ourselves with pleasures. O Lord, great God, have mercy on us, according to Your steadfast love. We know You delight in goodness; grant that we, too, might delight in goodness. We ask all this, O Father, in the name of Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, and yet lives forevermore. Amen.
 *   ASSURANCE OF PARDON: #259  Are You Washed in the  Blood?
     Question 105: What does God  require in the sixth commandment?
     Answer: That I am not to abuse, hate, injure, or kill my neighbor, either with thought, or by word or gesture, much less by deed,  whether by myself or through another, but to lay aside all desire  for revenge; and that I do not harm myself or willfully expose myself to danger. That is why the authorities are armed with the means to prevent murder.
      Question 106: But does God speak only of killing?
     Answer: In forbidding murder God means to teach us that He abhors the root of murder, which is envy, hatred, anger, and desire for revenge, and that He regards all these as hidden murder.
     Question 107: Is it enough, then, is we do not kill our neighbor in any of these ways?
     Answer: No; for when God condemns envy, hatred, and anger, He requires us to love our neighbor as ourselves, to show patience, peace, gentleness, mercy, and friendliness toward him, to prevent injury to him as much as we can, also to do good to our enemies.
** AN ANTHEM: Down to the River to Pray – Chancel Choir
*   THE CLOSING HYMN: #398  Rise Up, O Men of God
*   SILENT MEDITATION – Please remain in your pews in a worshipful attitude until the Pastor leaves

WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS who are worshipping with us. We pray you will have a meaningful time of worship and invite you to worship with us again.
FOR PERSONAL PRAYER AND MINISTRY, please come to the chancel rail following the service. Prayer helpers from the congregation will pray with you. Prayer request cards are located in the pew rack for those who wish to submit them.
THE ROSEBUD on the communion table is in honor of a son, Hawthorne Jude, born to Matt and Kate Harris on Wednesday. May God be with this family as they grow in Him.
CONGRATULATIONS to Peter and Bambi Martindell at the dedication of their daughter, Vivian Pearl, this morning. May God be with this family as they grow in Him.
WE REJOICE with Reagan Hostelley who will be baptized this morning. May God be with her as she grows in knowledge of Him.
THE CHANCEL FLOWERS are placed by Verna Bowman in memory of a dearly loved mom, Elsie Rose.
GREETERS TODAY:      (8:00)    Dave and Beth Guntz
                                               (10:45)    Mark and Sharon Kostishion
TAPE MINISTRY:         Today                  Alice Kraus
                                              April 17th          BJ Kulp
THE LAY VISITORS for this week are Stan and LaRue Friday.
THE A/V BOOTH technicians are Mario Guerreiro and Collin Radcliff.
  8:00    Ben and Evangeline Smith, Josh and Laura Heebner (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
10:45    Matt and Tara McVaugh, Shaun and Meghann Permar (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Daniel Kraus, Rebecca Wilwert, Justine Smith 14th; Stan Ott 15th; Shirley Beck, Betty Curry, Grant Hager, John Pavie, Lindsay Walbrandt, Karli Weiss 16th; Martha DeFrancesco, Less Pross, Kayla Ruth 17th; Verna Bowman, Lee Kirkpatrick, Sue Landis 19th; Jean Frederick 20th.
     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Lewis and Linda Stretch 14th; Clyde and Sandy Derstine 17th.
THE SERMON TITLE this morning is More Miracles! There are all sorts of definitions of miracles. Some consider it a miracle when a fortuitous synchronization of natural events results in a good outcome. Others think of miracles as events completely outside the realm of natural events. For others, miracles are some combination of the natural and the supernatural. In our text from Acts there is an earthquake. Is it a miracle? There is an aborted suicide. Is it a miracle? There are governmental officials who change their minds. Is it a miracle? There is a very unlikely baptism service. Is it a miracle? Well, let’s think about it.
CONGREGATIONAL MEETING is scheduled for Sunday, April 24th during the Sunday School hour. The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the proposal from Consistory to add a new full-time pastoral staff position of Pastor for Worship and Technology.
PASTORS MASTERS GOLF OUTING is coming up on Monday, April 18th. Leidy’s Church hopes to have a number of golfers involved. Held at the Talamore Country Club, it will benefit the ongoing ministry of Love Cradle International. More information is available on the narthex desk. Let the office know if you’d like to be part of a Leidy’s Church foursome. It’s a great day out, topped off by dinner, prizes, and awards
THE BUILDING PROJECT is winding up. There are not large numbers of workers present each day as was the case a year ago. We have smaller crews do lots of particularized work. Carpet laying continues to be a daily job. Attention at the moment is focused on carpeting the stairwells. Not only is carpet being put in place in each stairwell, also the wooden handrails are measured, cut, glued together, and attached to their metal supports. Finish carpenters continue with the fine detail work that requires time and skill. The security system is in place and activated: intruders beware! Likewise, the fire alert system is up and functioning. As you’re praying for this project, do pray that all the inspections and requirements of various administrative laws/codes will be handled smoothly and in a timely manner. Let’s pray for one another as well, since we have many volunteers, committee members, and staff people who are laboring diligently at tasks we have to do! Finally, let us remember to give thanks to God for His mercies and blessing day by day!
PARENTS! There is information in your narthex box about what the Christian Ed department would like to do for this year’s auction. Please be sure to check it out since the auction is coming up quickly. See Sherise if you have any questions.
LOST SHEEP prayer group meets the second Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary, and on the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Cindy Filson.
FULLY FINISHED CAMPAIGN will continue through May 8th. If you do not have a form, or need another one, extra copies are on the narthex desk.
THE ANNUAL RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE takes place this Wednesday, April 13th from 2 to 7 p.m. There are several ways to make an appointment for you to give blood. The quickest and easiest way is to go to www.redcrossblood.org and enter leidyschurch in the Find A Blood Drive box. There you will be able to see what times are available. Or, you may call the church office at 215-723-8707 to schedule a time.
THANKS to all those who contributed to the recent Bowl-a-thon for Morning Star Ministries. Our 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class of seven bowlers raised $1,229 from about 111 of you. We were glad to support this worthwhile effort to help women in crisis pregnancies. If you still owe money, check with the bowler you sponsored to see if they paid for you, or use a Second Mile Offering envelope.
HEIDELBERG CATECHISM NOTE: One would have to go a long ways to find a more thoughtful, insightful, convicting, yet encouraging word about the command not to murder. The cultivation of Christian virtue has negative and positive components: we are to hate and flee from wrong attitudes and behaviors, but we are to love and seek the attitudes and actions that are the obverse of murder. These three questions plow deeply into our souls. Under the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, we can expect such plowing to help us become part of the fruitful fields of the Lord’s kingdom.
SCRIPTURE TEXTS FOR HC: While we only print the text of the HC questions in the bulletin, from the date of its publication in January of 1563 the HC has provided Scripture citations for each answer. In case you’re interested in checking them out, we’ll list some of those texts for today’s questions.
     Matt. 5:21-22 for Jesus’ teaching on this commandment
     Rom. 12:19 for explicit biblical teaching about vengeance
     Rom. 13:4 for the state as a deacon/minister of God
     Gal. 5:19-21 for a catalogue of the deeds of the flesh
     1 John 2:9 for a most incisive word about hateful thoughts
     1 John 3:15 for those who hate being de facto murderers
     Matt. 22:39 for the command to love one’s neighbor as one’s self
     Rom. 12:10 for brotherly love and giving preference to one another
     Matt. 5:44; Rom. 12:20-21 for loving our enemies
STORMER LAKE AUCTION – The auction is just Three Weeks away. Many items are still needed to be auctioned. It takes a lot of donated (and bought!) items to help finance our mission trip to the First Nations People of Canada. SLMT requires ALL of our congregation to be involved. If you have questions or ideas, you may call the church office. Donation forms are on the narthex desk.
GATHERING IN THE FELLOWSHIP HALL throughout the month of April is the agenda for adult Sunday School classes. Each Sunday there will be special presentation or meeting, all adults are encouraged to gather and participate. Here’s the schedule:
          Today: Education forum chaired by Stan Ott and featuring
      some of our lead teachers.
          April 17: A review/overview of the Building Project; details of
     our move across the street; what to expect at the Dedication
          April 24: Congregational meeting to consider and vote on
     Consistory’s proposal to add a new pastoral staff position.
NEEDED: CHURCH TOUR GUIDES. On the 23rd and 24th of April (that’s a Saturday and Sunday), there will be tours of our new facility offered to our members. We need tour guides for the tours! If you would like to be one of those tour guides (and we think we’ll need a good number of you) please call the church office. There will be an instructional meeting for training (and touring) before the tours.
MARGE BIVIGHOUSE would like to extend thanks to the church family for their prayers, concerns, and cards on her behalf.
THANK YOU for your generous donation of $3,100.76 to the Pregnancy Resource Clinic of North Penn through the Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser! Recently, we were able to meet four adorable newborn client babies. It was moving to see the transformation in these new moms from their first visit with us when they didn’t know how they would make it through. This time, they couldn’t stop smiling at the new life in their arms. Because you donate to this ministry, you are a part of these girls’ stories.” [part of a letter received from the Pregnancy Resource Center]
IF ANYONE KNOWS of an apartment rental in the Souderton/
    Telford/Harleysville area, please let the church office know.
YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE STAFF of Harvest USA on April 23rd from 12-4 pm at Williamson Restaurant in Willow Grove for a celebration and fundraising lunch.  Steve Brown will be the keynote speaker and will present, “An Unchanging Message in Changing Times”.  For more information or to register, please go to www.harvestusa.org or call their office at 215-482-0111.
THE CARE COMMITTEE is looking for people willing to bake cookies to serve at the Dedication/Open House of our new church. Please sign your name and provide contact info on the sheet posted in the narthex so you can be notified when the details are finalized.
WHAT’S THE SCHEDULE? When will we begin having worship at the new church facility? That’s one of the bigger questions making the rounds. We’re still looking at May 1st as the date, though some things have come up that may push that back a week. We’ll see! A month later, on June 5th at 2 in the afternoon, is when we plan to hold the Dedication service. These are the dates we’re looking at presently. Note, however, the Rummage Sale will still be at our current facility. Voting will still take place at our current facility. Remember our new times will be Sunday School at 8:45 and service of worship at 10.
GOD’S TREASURE HOUSE is holding a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on Saturday, April 23rd, from 4 to 7 pm at Franconia Mennonite Church. Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased in advance. See the flyer posted in the narthex for details.
MEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 in Rm. 18.
SUNDAY                   6:00 p.m.     Youth Fellowship
MONDAY                 9:00 a.m.      Home School Classes
                                   4:00 p.m.      Lost Sheep Prayer – Sanctuary
                                   6:30 p.m.      Volleyball
                                   6:45 p.m.       Women’s Bible Study – Rm. 16
TUESDAY                9:00 a.m.      Rm. 12 & 19 Resvd.
                                   7:00 p.m.       Grace Community – F.H.
                                   7:00 p.m.       Women’s Ministry Mtg. – C.R.
                                   7:30 p.m.        Sanctuary Resvd.
WEDNESDAY         2:00 p.m.      Blood Drive – F.H.
                                    7:30 p.m.      Special Services Mtg. – C.R.
                                    7:30 p.m.      Chancel Choir
THURSDAY             9:00 a.m.      Precept Study – Rm. 16
                                   9:00 a.m.       Kitchen Resvd.
                                    7:30 p.m.       Men’s Bible Study – Rm. 18
FRIDAY                   Youth Leave For Dare2Share
SATURDAY             8:00 a.m.      Love Cradle – C.R.
SUNDAY                  8:00 a.m.       Worship Service
                                   9:30 a.m.        Sunday School
                                  10:45 a.m.       Worship Service
April 26                  Primary Election Day
April 30                  SLMT Auction
May 11 & 12          Rummage Sale
May 15                   Confirmation Sunday