Bulletin for August 23, 2015
MORNING WORSHIP – 8:00 and 10:45 a.m.
*   PRAISE CHORUSES: (words on insert)
      #1 People Need the Lord                 #4 Go Forth In His Name
      #2 Shout to the North                      #5 Go Tell It On the Mountain
      #3 Go Light Your World
           Sandy Lake
     THE HOLY SCRIPTURES:    Psalm 90 (Page 606)
                                                          Luke 10:38–42 (Page 1035)
                                                          Luke 2:41-52 (Page 1022)
       THE SERMON: “Here’s the Thing, I’m Crazy Busy”
*    THE CONFESSION OF SIN – first in silence and then in unison
      C: Our heavenly Father, You have promised to receive us when we come to You. You are Light and in You there is no darkness at all. If we were to say we have no sin, we would be deceiving ourselves, and Your truth would not be in us. We confess that we have sinned against You. We have not loved You with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Many things we should have done, we’ve left undone. We have preferred our way to Your way, and thus done things we should never have done. We have not loved You, or our neighbors, as we ought. Forgive us, O God. Have mercy upon us. Cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Give us renewed vision and grace to serve You in faith, obedience, and joy. We ask all this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
* THE ASSURANCE OF PARDON: #657 Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul
   THE OFFERTORY: Owen Lockman, Alex Wilwert
* CLOSING HYMN: #560 Blest Be the Tie That Binds
*   SILENT MEDITATION – Please remain in your pews in a worshipful attitude until the Pastor leaves
* Indicates congregation standing; C = Congreg. Response
There are private listening units available during our worship services for anyone with hearing difficulties. Please pick one up at the audio/video booth and return immediately following the service.
WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS who are worshipping with us. We pray you will have a meaningful time of worship and invite you to worship with us again.
FOR PERSONAL PRAYER AND MINISTRY, please come to the chancel rail following the service. Prayer helpers from the congregation will pray with you. Prayer request cards are located in the pew rack for those who wish to submit them.
CONGRATULATIONS TO Jacques and Dasha (Burke) Lewis who were united in Christian marriage yesterday here at Leidy’s Church. May God bless this couple as they grow in Him.
THE CHANCEL FLOWERS are placed by Kendall and Mary Beth Musselman in honor of their children and grandchildren.
GREETERS TODAY:         (8:00)   Brian and Gina Shoemaker
                                                   (10:45)   Andy and Joan Tawney
TAPE MINISTRY:             Today             Diane Gehman
                                               August 30th       Deb Guerreiro                    
THE LAY VISITOR for this week is Elaine Frank.
THE A/V BOOTH technicians are Brian Radcliff and Joseph Thompson.
8:00   Ben and Evangeline Smith, Ann Edmonds, Ava Carsley
            (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
10:45   Blaine and Nicole Moyer, Becca Coale, Nicole Tyson
             (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bob Cope, James VanDerbeek 29th; Naomi DiLenge, Lorraine Reich 28th; Betty Hughes, Deb Hughes, Lula Kershner, Don Nase 30th; Felicity Edmonds, Sonja Gregory 31st; Gus Niederhaus, Katie Tawney September 1st; LeRoy Gehman, Carl Thompson 2nd.
     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ben and Evangeline Smith 27th; Delton and Laurie Plank 29th; Stan and LaRue Friday 30th.
THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Here’s the Thing; I’m Crazy Busy! Often we hear this phrase as an excuse for not doing or being at something. We hear it out of the mouths of family, friends and perhaps you may have even caught yourself saying something like it. When we make such statements are we saying that we are just a bunch of ludicrous busy bodies? How did our lives get so “full” of activity physically, yet leaves us unfulfilled spiritually? Surely this type of life can’t be what Jesus meant when He said He had come that we might have life to the full. After all, a full life just doesn’t equal a fulfilled life. Today in our busy service we will seek to find “The Thing” we should be busy doing, the one thing that will fulfill our life and make it a lot less crazy. 
     Today:                    Matt Harris
     August 30              Dave Reich – America
     September 6          Dave Reich – America
SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL OPPORTUNITIES – For August we are in need of teachers/helpers for these classes: August 30th – Helper for Toddler thru Pre-Kindergarten; Teacher and helper for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade; Teacher and helper for 4th & 5th grade. September 6th – Teacher and helper for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, Teacher and helper for 4th & 5th Grade. Sign up to teach one or more Sundays to give our year-long teachers a much needed break.
SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS NEEDED for the fall, specifically the 7th and 8th grades but there are needs in all age brackets. Please contact Sherise at 215-915-0796 if interested.
THE ANNUAL MORNINGSTAR MINISTRIES BANQUET takes place at Family Worship Center in Lansdale on Saturday, September 19th, at 6 p.m. Don Nase is a Table Captain and would be happy to share with you about this important local ministry and make sure you have a seat so you can attend. Guest speaker is Gigi Graham, daughter of Billy Graham. Please respond by August 31st.
CHOIR TIME IS COMING AROUND AGAIN! Our first practice will be Wednesday, September 9th at 8:00. If you have any questions talk to Gary Filson.
YOUTH FELLOWSHIP CHANGE: Youth will be meeting today at 3:00 at the home of Micah Griffith. Their address is 2125 Bustard Rd. Lansdale, PA (across the street from Fischer’s Pond). You can park there if needed. Main course is provided, but bring along a side dish (coleslaw, salads, etc.) or a dessert dish. Reminder that girls and guys should wear appropriate swimsuits.
MOTHER’S MARKET – Franconia Mennonite Church, Saturday, September 12th, 9-12. Admission is free.
THE 28:19 PROGRAM – Read about the heroes who have gone outside their homes to places near and far to share the love of Jesus Christ. Read about the impact their lives had on those around them. Read about their adventures, their tragedies, their triumphs, and their failings – and how God made it all work for His good. No matter your age, we’re sure we have a book for you. Stop by the 28:19 Table in the Fellowship Hall today to check out the books and sign up for the program.
THE BUILDING PROJECT was toured by members of our church staff this past Wednesday. There was lots of dust, lots of noise, lots of space, lots of rooms, and lots of amazement. The job superintendent, Neal Harvey, led the tour and explained what’s been done and some of what remains to be done. It was amazing to remember this was the same piece of ground where we prayed, sang, and broke ground at the end of April 2014 and to consider what has transpired on/in it since then! And there’s more to come. The curb-laying machine was busy this past week and now we can see curbing in place down to the parsonage driveway including at the infamous “run into the wall” corner. Bills continue to come in and continue to be paid. So we need to continue to contribute to the Building Fund. And don’t forget to pray.
SOUDERTON 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT. No smoking or pets, off street parking, use of back yard. $800/month + electric. If interested, please call the church office for contact info.
TEMPORARY HOUSING NEEDED at the end of August for a friend of BJ Kulp who is moving to Souderton Mennonite Home when her spot opens. If you would be able to assist, please call BJ at 215-721-4516.
NURSERY NEEDS: We are in need of people who are willing to serve in the Nursery and Children’s Church during the 10:45 service. Also, if you are between the ages of 12 and 18 and would like to help in either the nursery or Children’s Church contact the office or Justine at 267-243-4979.
A NEW SIGN-UP has been posted in the narthex to provide meals for the Lafty family three times a week through the month of September. The meals have been a big blessing to them over the last few months, and each and every one of you who have helped out are very much appreciated.
THE BELL CHOIR will begin practicing on Wednesday, September 9th at 7 p.m. Occasionally, our Senior Bell Choir is in need of substitute bell ringers. If you would like to know more about this, please contact George Frueh at 215-723-4769.
NEWSLETTER Articles for the September edition are due in the office by Tuesday.
SUNDAY                     3:00 p.m.      Youth@Griffith’s
MONDAY                    6:45 p.m.      Women’s Bible Study – Rm. 16
TUESDAY                   7:00 p.m.      Tech Mtg.
THURSDAY                7:30 p.m.      Men’s Study – Rm. 18
FRIDAY                       7:30 a.m.      ALL – C.R. & Kitchen
SUNDAY                     8:00 a.m.      Worship Service
                                      9:30 a.m.      Sunday School
                                     10:45 a.m.      Worship Service
September 13             Rally Day
September 26             Men’s Breakfast
October 14 & 15          Rummage Sale
October 23                  Judgement House begins
People Need the Lord
Ev’ryday they pass me by.
I can see it in their eyes.
Empty people filled with care
Headed who knows where.
On they go through private pain, living fear to fear.
Laughter hides the silent cries only Jesus hears.
People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
At the end of broken dreams He’s the open door.
People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
When will we realize, people need the Lord.
We are called to take His light
To a world where wrong seems right.
What could be too great a cost
For sharing life with one who’s lost.
Through His love our hearts can feel
All the grief they bear.
They must hear the words of life only we can share.
Shout to the North
(Women Singing Only) Men of faith rise up and sing,
Of the great and glorious King.
You are strong when you feel weak,
In your brokenness complete.
Shout to the north and the south,
Sing to the east and the west,
Jesus is Savior to all, Lord of heaven and earth.
(Men Singing Only) Rise up women of the truth,
Stand and sing to broken hearts,
Who can know the healing power,
Of our awesome King of love.
We’ve been through fire, we’ve been through rain,
We’ve been refined by the power of His name.
We’ve fallen deeper in love with You.
You’ve burned the truth in our lips.
Rise up church with broken wings,
Fill this place with songs again
Of our God who reigns on high,
By His grace again we’ll fly.
Go Light Your World
So carry your candle run to the darkness.
Seek out the hopeless confused and torn.
Hold out your candle for all to see it.
Take your candle and go light your world,
Take your candle and go light your world.
Go Forth in His Name
We are His children the fruit of His suff’ring,
Saved and redeemed by His blood.
Called to be holy, a light to the nations,
Clothed with His pow’r, filled with His love.
Go forth, in His name proclaiming Jesus reigns,
Now is the time for the church to arise,
And proclaim Him, Jesus, Savior, Redeemer and Lord. (repeat)
Countless the souls that are stumbling in darkness,
Why do we sleep in the light?
Jesus commands us to go make disciples,
This is our cause, this is the fight.
(ending) Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord!
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Go, tell it on the mountain.
Over the hills and everywhere.
Go tell It on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is Lord.