We have two different Christmas Eve services at Leidy’s Church. First is our 7:00 p.m. family oriented musical service Light of the World which will be a celebration of Jesus’ birth with carols, hymns, and spiritual songs. Second is the 10:30 p.m. midnight worship and communion service. What makes these two services so different? Read on to find out!

Light of the World Christmas Presentation 7:00 p.m.

     The 7 pm service of worship on Christmas Eve will be a musical presentation titled The Light of the World. Arranged and conducted by Curt Lockman, it will be a celebration of Jesus’ birth with carols, hymns, and spiritual songs.The original purpose of Christmas was to provide a season to celebrate the coming of Christ into the world, a specific time to give thanks to God for His great gift to us. The Light of the World will give plenty of attention to how Christ came into the world and the wonders that complemented His coming. Sometimes, though, we can be consumed with all the wonders and forget the reason why Jesus was born. Why is the world dark? How is it that Jesus is the light of the world? How does this darkness and the light of Jesus apply to us as individuals? All those questions will be addressed in The Light of the World. Leidy’s Church is blessed with many persons possessing exceptional musical talents. A good proportion of them will be participants in this presentation – as well as the gathered congregation! There will be instrumentalists, a treble choir, soloists, and some candles.

Worship and Communion Service 10:30 p.m.

     At 10:30 a more formal service of worship including our traditional liturgy of worship will take place. It will be a preaching service, this year with the focus on God’s purposes in sending the Redeemer that makes Christmas a big deal for each Christian. There will be some special music as well as an anthem from the chancel choir and the sharing of the Lord’s Supper. Our time of worship will end with the candle light singing of Silent Night.

Important Information

  • Childcare is not provided for these services, though the nursery will be open for parents who need to use it.
  • An offering will be received, but it will go to a special cause: The 2016 Christmas Eve offering will be going to Duncan and Shay Forbes. They are doing church planting in a multi-cultural setting in London. Their family stayed in the Mission House for three or four months a couple of years ago. Duncan preached one Sunday in February of 2015. He had a great message, and delivered it with that wonderful clipped British accent. They became part of our mission budget in 2016. Duncan is afflicted with a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is an inherited disease that affects one’s joints and connective tissues. With Duncan, it particularly affects his joints. He has joints that dislocate frequently each day and cause severe, chronic pain. At this point, Duncan has to use a wheelchair to get around and has extreme difficulty getting any sleep because of his pain. One thing that could help would be an adjustable bed where the head and feet move up and down and in many different positions providing good support for the body. An adjustable bed will not heal Duncan’s condition, but it may help a lot in managing his pain, helping him get more sleep, and allow him to be more involved in ministry. For more information about the Forbes family or about Duncan’s condition, speak to a member of the Mission Committee.