The Consistory of Leidy’s Church met on the evening of May 6th. It was a lovely spring evening which they enjoyed in the Conference Room! Below are some salient points from that meeting:

  • Devotions dealt with the theme of glorifying God. Scott Rittenhouse used the analogy of pruning his fruit trees so they will produce more fruit. Likewise, God works His pruning work on us so that we might glorify Him more fully. Psalm 86 was read aloud with its heart cry from David for God’s work in his life so that he might glorify Him more.
  • It was noted with thanksgiving that at the end of April the General Fund was again in the black after a couple of months being in the red. Praise the Lord!
  • Glen Tyson reported on the building project. Site work is being intensified with asphalt soon to be applied to the parking lot. This will generate a marked increase in expenditures along with the escalation of work for the building trades. So far all the bills have been paid from our Building Fund, but that may change over the summer months.
  • The bid from the Spinnaker Company to design and install the components for the sound system, projection capabilities, and other electronic components was accepted. This is a larger figure than originally anticipated, though some of it will be offset by savings in other line items.
  • Proceeds from this year’s Strawberry Festival will go to the Stormer Lake Mission Trip. This will help augment the proceeds from the Auction and the funds raised by SLMT participants. It will be very helpful!
  • The stained glass committee plans to have a report/proposal for the June meeting.
  • The options committee has completed the preliminary study regarding what to do with the current facility. It is their recommendation to abandon consideration of mothballing the facility, but to begin discussions with other congregations or para-church ministries that would be interested in renting part or all of the facility. Any agreement would be on a yearly basis, so that adjustments can be made if necessary. The committee recommended the sale of the facility not be considered for a couple of years so that we can see whether or not we will have need of it down the road.
  • With great gratitude the Consistory was informed of a gift of almost $7,500 from Freedom Community Church. That congregation has dissolved and in disseminating its assets chose Leidy’s Church as one of three beneficiaries. A letter of thanks has been sent to the Chairman of the Elder Board of Freedom Community Church.
  • The proposed part-time pastoral staff information specialist position was discussed at length. Jeremiah Rizzo was present to comment on the feasibility of the itemized position responsibilities. It was a long, but very helpful discussion. Further refining of the position will need to take place. It was agreed that seeking to provide a much enhanced, user-friendly, resource rich, easily managed/updated website is desirable.
  • An open slot for Deacon occurs this year, so the nomination process was followed: reading from 1 Tim. 3:8-13, followed by listing of potential nominees, refining the list, and then having the names pulled by lot from a Bible in order to determine the order in which they would be asked to consider being nominated. Outgoing Deacon John DiLenge will make the appropriate contact(s) and report back next month.

After a time of focused intercessory prayer, the meeting was adjourned at 10:11 by the unison praying of the Lord’s Prayer.