January 15, 2017


     BELL PRELUDE: Jubilate Procession – Bell Choir
*   HYMNS OF WORSHIP: in hymnal or on insert
      #1  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty              #3  It Is Well
      #2  How Deep the Father’s Love                    #4  In Christ Alone
      THE HOLY SCRIPTURES:  1 Samuel 15:20-23 (page 213)
                                                2 Timothy 2:20-26 (page 166)
                                                Acts 26:30-32 (page 116)
     THE SERMON: “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
*   CONFESSION OF SIN: (first in silence then in unison)
C: O Lord God, Creator of life and Judge of all, before whom all who have lived shall appear. We confess with sorrow, with horror, and with deep contrition, our national sin with regard to abortion. We have declared legal what You have declared immoral. We authorized people to do what You said not to do. Forgive our presumption; forgive our arrogance; forgive our lawlessness; forgive our murders. Our only hope is in the mercies afforded in Jesus. Confronted with the blood of aborted babies, we turn to the blood of Jesus for forgiveness. Thank You that not only are You Creator and Judge, You also are Redeemer! Oh, we need Your redemption. Hear our prayers, turn our hearts to You.  Amen.
*   ASSURANCE OF PARDON: #9 We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer
     AN ANTHEM: Chancel Choir
*   THE CLOSING HYMN: #603  When We All Get to Heaven
* SILENT MEDITATION – Please remain in your pews in a worshipful attitude until the Pastor leaves
* Indicates congregation standing; C = Congreg.  Response
There are private listening units available during our worship services for anyone with hearing difficulties. Please pick one up at the welcome desk in the narthex and return immediately following the service.
WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS who are worshiping with us. We pray you will have a meaningful time of worship and invite you to worship with us again.
FOR PERSONAL PRAYER AND MINISTRY, please come to the chancel steps following the service. Prayer helpers from the congregation will pray with you. Prayer request cards are located in the pew rack for those who wish to submit them.
OUR SINCERE Christian sympathy to Patty Kendall and family at the death of her father last Sunday, and to June Burkholder and family at the death of her father Wednesday. May God be with these families at this time.
THE CHANCEL FLOWERS are placed by John and Pat Niederhaus with thanksgiving to God for the miracle of human birth and for the faithful workers and witnesses in all facets of the pro-life movement.
USHER CAPTAINS:  Greg Nase, Ed Schmidt
GREETERS TODAY:     Rob and Lois Ruth
TAPE MINISTRY:       Today                        Jerri Thompson
                                             January 22nd           Marge VanOmmeren
THE LAY VISITORS for this week are Tom and Judy Leidy.
THE A/V BOOTH technicians are Mario Guerreiro, and Brian Radcliff.
     Infant Nursery – Guppies (0 to 17 months)
               Connie Merritt, JoAnn Elliott, Megan Weiss
     Toddlers – Lambs (18 months to 3 years)
               Lorraine and Natalie Reich, Deb Guerreiro
     Children’s Church – Lions (3-5 years)
               Josh and Laura Heebner, Renee Doran
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Brian Lafty, Sr., Orion Lockman, Dianne Nase 19th; Maxine Parfitt 21st; Julia Kulp, Desiree Steve 22nd; Rod Harbon, Jacquelyn Hillegass 23rd; Janie Inyang, Mark Kostishion, Ed Schmidt 24th; Steve Swartz 25th.
     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ted and Wanda Brunner 21st; Henry and Pearl Walter 23rd; Ron and Marilee Hughes, Kendall and Mary Beth Musselman 24th.
THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. All of us have wished we could have a second chance on some of the decisions we’ve made in the course of our lives. We simply were not aware of the gravity of some decisions, or the down-the-road fruit of others. How about a do-over! One wonders if that sort of thinking comes to Paul. After he finishes his testimony to the gathered dignitaries, we hear King Agrippa assert that if not for his appeal to Caesar, Paul could be let go entirely. Meanwhile, in our OT text, King Saul engages in some escapist thought. God brings him back to reality.
     January 22nd     Bob Bugge – Answers in Genesis video
     January 29th      Bob Bugge – Answers in Genesis video
iBLAST IS COLLECTING new or gently used toys (still in original packaging) for the second semester. There is a box in the narthex for donations. Contact Pastor Andrew if you have any questions.
MISSIONS COMMITTEE meets this Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the Conference Room.
HAZEL KRIER thanks everyone for their willingness to make meals when called upon during the past year. Many people received a blessing because of your kindness. There is a sign-up sheet for the Meal Ministry for 2017 posted in the narthex.
SPECIAL NEEDS EVENT: A Night to Shine Prom Event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation is being held on Friday, February 10th at the Boys & Girls Club in Souderton. They are in need of participants and volunteers. The event runs from 6-9 p.m. Help is needed anytime from 7 a.m. to midnight on that day. Also, help is needed with hair, nails, parking, catering, set-up, clean-up, and extra sets of hands to support the participants. Please contact Tiffany Guerreiro at 215-353-3436 for more details or questions.
MARCH FOR LIFE 2017 takes place on Friday, January 27th. Leidy’s Church will have a Perkiomen coach taking folk down. Cost is $12 per person. The bus will leave the Leidy’s Church parking lot at 6 a.m. and usually returns between 8:30 and 9 in the evening. A sign-up sheet is posted in the narthex. There are 11 spots remaining.
iBLAST RESUMES this Wednesday evening at 6:00. Even if you were not part of the first half, you are welcome to join us. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Andrew or the church office.
REALM, A MIDWEEK TIME OF WORSHIP & THE WORD happens each Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. Realm is a midweek time dedicated to worshipping our Lord and hearing from God’s Word in a relaxed but passionate atmosphere. Realm is for everyone young and old to come and sing praises to God in the form of modern worship songs and engage with the Scriptures. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Chris.
WANTED: Sonshine Players need a dozen or so matching sized hard-covered books (the size of a Bible). A small encyclopedia set would be perfect! If you no longer look things up in your Funk & Wagnalls . . . consider loaning them to us. Contact Donna Frueh if you can help out.
EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT our amazing iBlast volunteers feed over 100 people, many of whom are not members of Leidy’s Church! This is an amazing outreach opportunity and we need help between now and mid-March with the following jobs: 1) Tuesdays at noon we need one person to help with (very easy!) childcare and one person to help with food prep. Plan on about one hour for either job. 2) Wednesday nights we need two people to help with post-dinner clean up from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Even if you can only do one slot here or there, please call, text, or email Laura Heebner 215-872-9834, laura_kulp@hotmail.com.
THANKS TO ALL the individuals and committees who worked hard to prepare for and bring to fruition last evening’s Congregational Dinner and Business Meeting, from preparing delicious food, to setting up tables, to submitting reports in a timely fashion, to asking/making pertinent points, and much more. Extra copies of the Annual Report are available at the narthex hutch.
ISRAEL TRIP INFO NITE is scheduled for Monday, February 6th. Pastor Niederhaus is leading a tour to Israel in February of 2018. An information night for those who might want to consider the trip – or those who’ve already decided to go, but want to get the full low-down – takes place that evening at 7 pm. Trip brochures are available at the narthex hutch as well as in the church office. All questions will be taken; most will be answered. We hope.
SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE SUNDAY is today. Thankfully, the number of abortions in the US continues to decline. Likewise, the number of abortion providers continues to decline. Still, around one million babies in the US are aborted each year. Nearly two-thirds of women having abortions say they are Christians. More than 85 percent of women intending to have an abortion will change their minds if they are allowed to see an ultrasound of their babies. In 1986 a baby was aborted in the US about every 20 seconds. In 2016 a baby was aborted in the US about every 31 seconds. Unborn babies still need your support via prayer, via personal conversations with others, via witness at March for Life type events, and via working and volunteering at pro-life pregnancy organizations among other opportunities.
THE CASE FOR CHRIST class for adults begins this morning. It is a six week course that investigates the historical accuracy of the gospels’ depiction of Jesus. The material will challenge you, illumine you, and equip you to talk to others about Jesus. The class meets in Room 123 on the education level [i.e. middle level]. That would be the former Joy & Glory classroom located directly beneath the Conference Room.
                12:30 p.m.              F.H./Kitchen Resvd.
                 6:00 p.m.              Youth Fellowship
                9:00 a.m.               Home School Classes
                 6:30 p.m.              Volleyball
                 6:45 p.m.              Women’s Bible Study – Rm. 118
                 7:00 p.m.              FCA – C.R.
                 8:00 a.m.             BMCE – C.R.
                 9:30 a.m.              Mom’s Fellowship
                 7:30 p.m.              Choir Room Resvd.
                 9:00 a.m.             Staff Meeting – C.R.
                 1:30 p.m.              Small Group – Rm. 211
                 3:00 p.m.              Set up for iBlast
                 5:30 p.m.              Grace Notes Choir
                 6:00 p.m.              iBlast
                 7:00 p.m.              Missions Mtg. – C.R.
                 7:00 p.m.              Bell Choir
                 8:00 p.m.              Chancel Choir
                 9:00 a.m.              Precept
                 7:00 p.m.              Realm – Sanctuary
                8:00 a.m.              Credentialing Committee – C.R.
                 8:45 a.m.              Sunday School
               10:00 a.m.              Worship Service
January 27                  March for Life
February 6                   Israel Trip Info Nite
February 10-12           Sr. High Winter Retreat
March 1                       Ash Wednesday
March 11                     Love Cradle Banquet
March 18                     Dessert & Entertainment Night
March 25                     Sexuality Conference