January 17, 2016
** BELL PRELUDE: Jubilate Procession – Bell Choir
*   HYMNS OF WORSHIP: on insert
     #1 Jesus Savior Pilot Me            #3 Precious Lord Take My Hand
     #2 The Haven of Rest                 #4 Shelter in the Time of Storm
      THE HOLY SCRIPTURES:        Isaiah 49:1-7 (page 732)
                                                               1 Corinthians 1:17-31 (1140)
                                                              Acts 13:44-52 (page 1105)
     THE SERMON: “The Gospel: Imminent Conflicts, Eternal Effects”
*   CONFESSION OF SIN: (first in silence then in unison)
     C: Lord God, I desire peace. I want to avoid confrontation and conflict. Yet You come to me, confront me with my sin, and convict me of my guilt. Where can I turn? Only to You, Lord Jesus. I ask You to be my Savior, to redeem me from my sin. Only through Your sacrifice may I have peace with God. My desire for peace is a temptation in the world. Though called to be Your faithful witness, I compromise my witness in order to avoid conflict. That’s not good for me, or for anyone else. You want Your light and truth to shine out through me. Lord Jesus, forgive my weakness, the dimness of my soul. Pour out the Holy Spirit on me, so that Your joy is my strength, and Your light and truth flow through me. Amen.
* A HYMN: #147 Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart
     Question 12: Since, then, by the righteous judgment of God, we have deserved temporal and eternal punishment, how may we escape this punishment, come again to grace, and be reconciled to God?
     Answer: God wills that His righteousness be satisfied; therefore, payment in full must be made to His righteousness, either by ourselves or by another.
     Question 13: Can we make this payment ourselves?
     Answer: By no means. On the contrary, we increase our debt each day.
     Question 15: Then what kind of mediator and redeemer must we seek?
     Answer: One who is a true and righteous man, and yet more powerful than all creatures, that is, one who is at the same time true God.
     Question 18: Who is this mediator who is at the same time true God and a true and perfectly righteous man?
     Answer: Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is freely given to us for complete redemption and righteousness.
z  THE OFFERTORY: Jubilate Procession – Bell Choir
** AN ANTHEM: Chancel Choir
*   THE CLOSING HYMN: #601 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
*   SILENT MEDITATION – Please remain in your pews in a worshipful attitude until the Pastor leaves

WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS who are worshipping with us. We pray you will have a meaningful time of worship and invite you to worship with us again.
FOR PERSONAL PRAYER AND MINISTRY, please come to the chancel rail following the service. Prayer helpers from the congregation will pray with you. Prayer request cards are located in the pew rack for those who wish to submit them.
THE CHANCEL FLOWERS are placed by Rock and Astrid Rau in memory of their parents.
GREETERS TODAY:     (8:00)   John and Tara DiLenge
                                              (10:45)   Jim and Ginna Foote
TAPE MINISTRY:        Today                    Mim Weigner
                                             January 24th         Shirley Clemens
THE LAY VISITOR for this week is Lori Maxwell.
THE A/V BOOTH technicians are Curt Lockman and Mario Guerreiro.
8:00   Matt and Kate Harris, Justin and Chrissie Lockman (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
10:45   Alex and Ally Hager, Andrew and Becca Rosenbaum (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Maxine Parfitt 21st; Julia Kulp, Desiree Steve 22nd; Rod Harbon, Jacquelyn Hillegass 23rd; Janie Inyang, Mark Kostishion, Ed Schmidt 24th; Steve Swartz 25th; Annabell Martindell 26th.
     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Ted and Wanda Brunner 21st; Henry and Pearl Walter 23rd; Ron and Marilee Hughes, Kendall and Mary Beth Musselman 24th; Jim and Genie Smedberg 27th.
THE SERMON TITLE this morning is The Gospel: Imminent Conflicts, Eternal Effects. No one likes conflict, but conflict is inevitable. We live in a society where opinions and beliefs run the gamut from A to Z. Many of those beliefs are not consistent with biblical truth. As our present society turns further away from the truth of the bible and replaces it with opinions and beliefs contrary to it, Christians should expect their witness for Jesus Christ will be contradicted. Today we will look at the Apostle Paul’s ministry. He too lived in time of imminent conflict with his contemporaries, and those conflicts had eternal effects.
THE TRANSITION COMMITTEE is looking for people who would be able to assist with the moving of items to our new facility when the time comes. An email or text list will be maintained to send details to everyone who is interested. If you are willing to help and wish to be notified on either list, please contact Francis Weiss via email (FLweiss@bergeys.com) or text (484-368-2951).
LOOKING FOR SHINY pennies for a future Kid’s Klub craft. If you find any, there is a big container in the narthex for collecting. Lots are needed.
LADIES, IF YOU ARE STILL CONSIDERING attending the Discern Answers for Women Conference in April, the deadline to sign up is February 14th. Travel and housing arrangements are being finalized. Information is on the Women’s Ministry board.
THE MISSION COMMITTEE meets this Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the Conference Room.
THE BUILDING PROJECT is plugging along and making good progress. The wainscoting continues to be installed in the sanctuary. All the detailed trim work around the stained glass window is finished. In the kitchen the controls for the hood were installed. On Monday they will be calibrated and put in working order. With bathrooms on all three floors, it’s good to know that 95% of the toilets and necessary fixtures and stall panels are in place. All the exterior doors are hung and functioning – that means the place is locked up securely now! On the lower level most of the doors have been hung. Trimming work has begun on the window parts of the nursery and library. It was a tough week to work outside doing the aluminum soffit work, but the workers pressed on. It may be completed next week. We’ll see. Let’s all give thanks to God for His continued provision and encouragement to us.
LOOKING FOR SOME PERMANENT WORK – Glory Griffith is a young woman from our congregation who is looking for some work. If you would like to hire her services for house cleaning, child care, or whatever, she would welcome your call. Her home phone number is 610-222-4431.
MARCH FOR LIFE 2016 bus will leave our parking lot at 6 a.m. Friday morning. Please be here by 5:45 a.m. Dress warmly, bring a lunch, and money for breakfast and dinner. As of now, there is a waiting list, so keep checking!
     Issues & Answers Class – Pregnancy Resource Clinic
     Joy & Glory Class – Room 20 upstairs
     Women’s Sunday School Class – Room 19 downstairs
     Focus Bible Study Class – Conference Room
HEIDELBERG CATECHISM NOTE: Imagine running up a credit card debt of $100,000. You want to pay it off, but all the money you make still does not allow you to pay for each day’s expenses much less pay off such a huge debt. In fact, each week you get deeper and deeper into debt. That’s man’s situation before God. We cannot be reconciled to God unless someone intervenes and pays off our sin debt from the past, as well as the sin debt we incur each day. That’s what Jesus does. His righteousness is totally complete. In fact, His righteousness is sufficient to pay our debt to God’s righteous judgment. He gives Himself to us freely. He invites us to trust Him alone for our righteous standing before God. Jesus paid it all. Hallelujah!
SCRIPTURE TEXTS FOR HC: While we only print the text of HC questions in the bulletin, from the date of its publication in January of 1563 the HC has provided Scripture citations for each answer. In case you’re interested in checking them out, we’ll list some of those texts for today’s question.
   Ex. 23:7; 20:5; 34:7; Deut. 7:9-11 for God’s not acquitting the guilty
   Rom. 8:3-4 for someone other than us who makes the payment
   Job 9:3 for our being unable to answer God
   Is. 53:9; Heb. 7:26; 2 Cor. 5:21 for One who can bear God’s judgment
   Is. 9:6; Jer. 23:5-6 for description of One who is mediator and redeemer
 Matt. 1:23; Luke 2:11 for the gift of Jesus to us
   1 Cor. 1:30 for Jesus providing for our complete redemption and righteousness
NEW BIBLE STUDY OPPORTUNITY at the home of Dave and Lorraine Reich. It will meet twice a month from 7 to 8:30. The first meeting is this Friday evening. This study will utilize a book by Sinclair Ferguson titled Let’s Study Mark. The Reichs live at 937 Master’s Way, Harleysville [really, by the Lederach golf course]. For more information or to let them know you plan to participate, call 215-256-0475.
THE RUMMAGE ROOM has recently been organized by our faithful volunteers. Since we’ve heard that some donors can’t hold onto their Rummage items until we move to our new facility, you are welcome to drop off your items. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Mary Beth Musselman.
WELCOME TO THE PRCNP! Don’t recognize that acronym? It stands for the Pregnancy Resource Center of North Penn. This is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday so we’ve invited this organization to fill us in on their ministry. Sharon Comly and Karli Weiss will share briefly in each service, but the more expanded presentation will take place during Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to join them and learn how God is using the PRCNP.
SAVE YOUR CHANGE FOR THE PRO-LIFE CAUSE! Grab a baby bottle and fill it with your loose change from now to February 15th. Bring the bottles back to Leidy’s Church for the benefit of the Pregnancy Resource Clinic of North Penn. As we’ll find out today, this organization ministers to women with unplanned pregnancies. There also are bottles strategically located around the church building that you can use. And if you, like many of us these days, don’t deal in change, you can stuff dollar bills or even checks in the bottles.
A NEW ADULT SS ELECTIVE will take place during the month of February. Titled The Kings: Founders, Reformers, and Scoundrels, it will be taught by Chris Tawney. The class will consider several of the kings of ancient Judah and Israel, some of whom proved to be “good bad examples.” The class will look at the human heart, leadership models, foreshadowing of Christ, and issues the class chooses to bring up. Chris invites you to join him for this month-long study.
THIS YEAR’S SPRING MUSICAL has two teenage parts yet to be cast.  If you like performing on stage and want your chance to be a Big Shot…email Mrs. Frueh for details!  dsfrueh@comcast.net
LADIES OF LEIDY’S is collecting sewing and knitting supplies for Love Cradle in the box provided in the narthex coat closet. These supplies will be sent to Ukraine to help with ministry. If you have questions, please speak with Alice Kraus.
SUNDAY                               6:00 p.m.              Youth Fellowship
MONDAY                             9:00 a.m.               Home School Classes
                                               6:30 p.m.               Volleyball
                                               6:45 p.m.                Women’s Bible Study – Rm. 16
                                               7:00 p.m.               FCA – C.R.
TUESDAY                           8:30 a.m.                BMCE Exec. Mtg. – C.R.
                                              9:30 a.m.                Mom’s Fellowship – C.R.
                                              7:00 p.m.                Evangelism – C.R.
                                              7:00 p.m.                Shepherd Mtg. – Library
                                             7:30 p.m.                 Sanctuary Resvd.
WEDNESDAY                   9:00 a.m.                Staff Meeting – C.R.
                                             5:00 p.m.                Kids Klub
                                            7:00 p.m.                 Bell Choir
                                            7:00 p.m.             Finishing Committee – Rm. 20
                                            7:00 p.m.             Missions Committee – C.R.
                                           8:00 p.m.             Chancel Choir
THURSDAY                     9:00 a.m.             Precept Study – Rm. 16
                                           7:30 p.m.             Men’s Bible Study – Rm. 18
FRIDAY                           5:45 a.m.             Leave for March for Life
SATURDAY                  10:00 a.m.             Kid’s Musical Practice
SUNDAY                         8:00 a.m.              Worship Service
                                          9:30 a.m.             Sunday School
                                        10:45 a.m.             Worship Service
January 29             Consistory Retreat
February 10           Ash Wednesday
February 12           Sr. High Retreat