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When life throws you a curve ball, what is your natural response? Do you always count on having time to do something later? This year at Judgement House, three families think they have their life in control. They find themselves at a local restaurant whether it’s celebrating a birthday, a date, or serving tables. However, the tables are turned when a “Deadly Encounter” comes when it is least expected for everyone involved. Life goes unplanned sometimes and you may not have tomorrow to ask the questions that are burning inside of you.

please note that if your group is running behind or needs directions please call 215-723-8707

 What is Judgement House? A dramatic scene-by-scene portrayal of real-life type events that follows individuals as they deal with conflict, temptation, and the Gospel of Christ.

Who is it for? Instructive and valuable for everyone, but particularly designed to set forth the necessity of Christian faith for those who doubt its truth, or have not heard of it.

Where and when will it be? At the new Immanuel Leidy’s Church facilities during late October. Reservations are being scheduled for October 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th. With tours beginning at 6 pm and tours last approximately one hour, with the last tour departing at 9 pm. Individual or group reservations for viewers ages 12 and up are strongly recommended and can be arranged by calling Leidy’s Church at 215-723-8707 during normal office hours (9:00am-4:00pm). The suggested donation is $3. Bring your friends!

Please note that the presentation is now handicapped accessible.