The Child Abuse Laws of PA are much more stringent in 2015. All volunteers working with any aged children must have certain state background checks and clearances. Leidy’s Church is required to be in compliance with this new legislation. That means all our volunteers and staff who work with kids from birth through 18 years of age will have to get clearances.

To help walk folk through that process – and it’s not that hard – two information sessions will be offered. Everyone is encouraged to attend one of them.

Sunday morning option: June 14th during SS in the Fellowship Hall

            Monday evening option: June 15th from 7 to 8 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Each session will last about 45 to 50 minutes with time for questions and answers. We’ll find out the legal background for these changes, the spiritual basis for this, and how it will be handled at Leidy’s Church. The bulk of the time, however, will help us walk through the steps of each clearance.

If you’re involved in any aspect of working with kids at Leidy’s Church – from baby sitting to teaching to SS helper to youth advisor to you name it – you should be at one of these sessions.

These session will bring clarity to a confused situation! Make sure you’re there!