November 1, 2015
MORNING WORSHIP – 8:00 & 10:45
* THE OPENING HYMN: #614 For All the Saints
* THE SOLEMN DECLARATION                    C: Amen
* THE CONFESSION OF SIN – first in silence & then in unison
   C: Gracious God, Creator and Father, we come before You a rebellious people. We have denied Your intentions for us, we have preferred our way to Christ’s way, we have disobeyed Your commandments, and we have worshipped ourselves and the things we have made. Forgive us, restore in us the knowledge of who we are, and make us alive to serve You in faith, obedience, and joy, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
* THE KYRIE (sung)
         P: Lord, have mercy upon us.
              C: Lord, have mercy upon us.
              P: Christ, have mercy upon us.
              C: Christ, have mercy upon us.
              P: Lord, have mercy upon us.
              C: Lord, have mercy upon us.
              P: God shows His love for us…
              C: Amen
*            THE CALL TO PRAISE
              P: Let us praise God!
              C: Praise the Lord!
*   THE GRATEFUL PRAISE: Praise Him! Praise Him!
Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!
Sing, O earth His wonderful love proclaim!
Hail Him! Hail Him! highest arch-angels in glory,
Strength and honor give to His holy name!
Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children.
In His arms He carries them all day long.
Praise Him! Praise Him! tell of His excellent greatness.
Praise Him! Praise Him! ever in joyful song.
HOLY SCRIPTURES: 2 Kings 5:1-15 (Page 386)
                                      Matthew 28:16-20 (Page 994)
                                      Acts 11:1-18 (Page 1101)
THE SERMON: “The Issue”
*   A HYMN: #576 Thou Whose Purpose is to Kindle
** AN ANTHEM: Chancel Choir
*   THE CLOSING HYMN: Lord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessing (on insert)

WELCOME TO ALL VISITORS who are worshipping with us. We pray you will have a meaningful time of worship and invite you to worship with us again.
FOR PERSONAL PRAYER AND MINISTRY, please come to the chancel rail following the service. Prayer helpers from the congregation will pray with you. Prayer request cards are located in the pew rack for those who wish to submit them.
THE CHANCEL FLOWERS are placed by Michael and Karen Mirabella in thanksgiving to God for the blessings and joy of family.
GREETERS TODAY:     (8:00)   Norm and Donna Weiss
                                          (10:45)   Tony and Kelly Wilwert
TAPE MINISTRY:       Today                 Donna Moyer
                                       November 8th     Mary Beth Musselman
THE LAY VISITOR for this week is Roger Jones.
THE A/V BOOTH technicians are Jim Smedberg and Andy Tawney.
8:00     Jim and Angela Kinney, Phil and Renee Shafer (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
10:45     Farrah McClaskey, Esther Thompson, Taleh Rittenhouse, Ruth Thompson (Baby/Toddler; Children’s Church).
              HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Farrah McClaskey, Wanda Ritter 6th; Vicki Freed, Justin Lockman, Jonathan Parfitt 7th; Lorraine Kroesser, Drew Weiss 9th; Dustin Doran, Dave Kirkpatrick, Ken Merritt, Diane Miller 10th; Karen Focht, Nathan Kulp 11th.
              HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Kevin and Holly Lehman 5th; Doug and Sue Lindner 7th; Frank and Margaret Bivighouse 8th; Bob and Jacqui Shafer 9th; Mario and Debbie Guerreiro 11th.
THE SERMON TITLE this morning is The Issue. Because we’re 2,000 years removed from the events of New Testament times we often don’t catch some of the underlying issues for the writers and readers of that time. Here’s one such issue: How can Gentiles become Jews? The concern is not always expressed just that way. In today’s text the issue at hand is circumcision. It’s a worthy issue to consider. We might express it today like this: How can anyone become a Christian? What must happen; what must be done? Our text ends with the notable words: the repentance that leads to life. That’s the issue.
WE WELCOME Charlie and Ruth Patton to Leidy’s Church today. Serving with New Tribes Missions, their labors have been focused on aviation support for missions in the deep jungles of Brazil. Though they’ve been part of our mission budget for several years, this is the first time we’ve been able to meet them in person, so welcome them heartily.
A CELEBRATION BANQUET for the entire congregation happens this Saturday evening. Sponsored by the Consistory with major help from the Care Committee, it will be an evening to return thanks to God for all the ways He’s worked in and through the “new addition” we added in 1990. Looking forward to good food, good memories, good sharing, and good celebration of God’s goodness. Plan to be present. Please fill out a form from the narthex desk and place in the box provided.
CARE COMMITTEE will be meeting on Tuesday Nov. 17 at 6 pm, meeting in Room #16 (confirmation room).
LOOKING FOR SOMEONE to transport two children from Kids Klub each Wednesday to Green Meadows in Telford. Contact Melinda Ziegler at 215-513-1255 if you can help.
THE ANNUAL CHICKEN BBQ features homemade sides – one of which is the (almost) famous Leidy’s Church potato salad. Lots of help is needed to make the 200 lbs. needed to fulfill the orders. On Thursday, November 12th, at 6 pm, advance chopping and prep will begin in the kitchen. Then Friday at 8 am workers are needed to peel and cut up the potatoes for mixing. All are welcome to help as you are able! If you have questions, please speak with Donna Moyer.
              Today:      The Family Project – Dave Reich
              November 8         The Family Project – Dave Reich
              November 15       The Family Project – Dave Reich
THE BUILDING PROJECT continues to make progress day by day by day. The skyline of Cherry Lane changed substantially this week when lighting for the steeple was focused and began to shine throughout the nighttime hours. It is a beacon to Christ that, we trust, will shine for a long, long time. Plywood continues to be cut and applied to the sanctuary ceiling. It requires exacting precision as cut-outs must be made for many light fixtures, air-conditioning diffusers, and other arcane items. Now, finishing touches are being done to windows throughout the building. More sidewalks were poured this week, but no paving was done. We’ll see if the paving starts tomorrow! The main air-conditioning units are being placed, both on the ground and on the flat part of the roof. Prayers and petitions on behalf of the Building Project are greatly appreciated!
SPIRITUAL COUNCIL meets this Tuesday evening at 7:00 in Room 16.
THE LOST SHEEP Prayer Group meets the second Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary, and the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Cindy Filson.
KIDS KLUB is in need of more workers! Needed are cooks for one or more weeks (need to plan, shop, and prep as well), table parents from 6 to 7:30, child care workers, and teachers (one-half hour commitment, curriculum provided). Can you help? Call or email the church office or speak with Sherise.
CONSISTORY meets this Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Conference Room.
CHICKEN DINNER ORDER FORM may be found on the narthex desk. You’re welcome to use it fully! The date for this year’s Three Fat Guys chicken repast is Saturday, the 14th of November. A representative will be in the narthex to take your orders. Yes, you may pre-pay to make your drive-up take-out experience all the more smooth.
LADIES OF LEIDY’S meets this Tuesday evening at 7:00 in the Conference Room. All ladies are welcome to attend.
LEIDY’S CHURCH will again be represented in the Souderton Christmas parade on December 5th. If you wish to participate please contact the church office.
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoe boxes are available on a table in the narthex. This Christmas project is sponsored by the Mission Committee. Pick up a box, fill it with gifts from the suggested gift list, and apply the sticker indicating if it is for a boy or a girl. Gift lists for appropriate ages are available on the table with the boxes. The boxes need to be returned by mid-November. More details will be found in the November Newsletter.
CARE COMMITTEE MEMBERS will meet on Saturday, November 7th at 9 a.m. to help set up tables for the celebration meal.
ELECTION DAY is this Tuesday. Don’t forget to make your voice heard. Also, since Leidy’s Church is a polling place, this means that from Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening the Fellowship Hall will be reserved for voting and the preparations. Please park farther down in the lot so that voters can have the closest and most convenient parking spots.
ACTORS IN JUDGMENT HOUSE should hang all costumes, washed, in the coat closet in the narthex by Friday at 5:30 p.m. if possible so that we can store them for next year. If you have questions, call April Sedares at 267-679-2147 or see your scene leader.
THE 2015 DESSERT & ENTERTAIN NIGHT will be held on Saturday, December 5th, beginning at 6 p.m. Some tickets were purchased at the last SLMT Auction, but there are still seats available. Contact the church office or sign the sheet posted in the narthex. Tickets are $20 per person.
IF ANYONE HAS A WHEELCHAIR that folds up that can be borrowed the week of November 14 through the 23rd, please contact the Smedbergs at 215-997-2674 or 215-385-2312. Thanks!
MEN’S BIBLE STUDY meets each Thursday evening at 7:30 in Room 18 (also known as the Youth Room) in the Christian Ed wing.
THE ZION CHORAL SOCIETY concert is being held at Exeter Bible Church in Birdsboro this afternoon at 3:00.
PIZZA & PACK-UP for Judgment House is set for Friday, November 6th beginning at 5:30. Judgement House was a great event, but now the church needs to be put back in order. Pizza will be served for anyone wishing to help pack up the props, supplies, and costumes.
SUNDAY                           10:30 a.m.            F.H./Kitchen Resvd.
                                           6:00 p.m.            Judgement House
MONDAY                         3:00 p.m.           Set up for Voting
                                            6:45 p.m.           Women’s Bible Study – Rm. 16
                                            7:00 p.m.           Outreach Committee – C.R.
TUESDAY                         ELECTION DAY
                                            7:00 p.m.           Ladies of Leidy’s – C.R.
                                            7:00 p.m.           Elder Prayer – Rm. 16
                                            7:30 p.m.           Spiritual Council – Rm. 16
                                            7:30 p.m.           Sanctuary Resvd.
WEDNESDAY                 5:00 p.m.           Kids Klub
                                            7:00 p.m.           Bell Choir
                                            7:30 p.m.           Consistory – C.R.
                                            8:00 p.m.           Chancel Choir
THURSDAY        Kitchen Resvd.
                                            9:00 a.m.            Precept Study
                                            7:15 p.m.           True Worshipers Class – Rm. 16
                                            7:30 p.m.           Men’s Bible Study – Rm. 18
FRIDAY                             5:30 p.m.           Pizza & Pack-up JH
SATURDAY                       9:00 a.m.            Set up for dinner
                                             6:00 p.m.           Celebration Dinner
SUNDAY                           8:00 a.m.            Worship Service
                                            9:30 a.m.            Sunday School
                                           10:45 a.m.            Worship Service
                                             6:00 p.m.           Youth Fellowship
November 14             Chicken Take-Out Night
November 25                     Thanksgiving Service
Lord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessing
Lord, dismiss us with Your blessing.
Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, Your love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace.
Oh, refresh us; oh, refresh us,
Traveling through this wilderness.
Thanks we give and adoration
For Your Gospel’s joyful sound.
May the fruits of Your salvation
In our hearts and lives abound.
Ever faithful, ever faithful
To Your truth may we be found.
Savior, when Your love shall call us
From our struggling pilgrim way,
Let not fear of death appall us,
Glad your summons to obey.
May we ever, may we ever
Reign with You in endless day.