November Newsletter

Pastor’s Column

            Are you comfortable in the new church yet? I knew things would seem a bit different moving from one building to another, but I was surprised at how different it felt. Part of the difficulty for me was the suddenness and completeness of the change. One Sunday we were at 276 W. Cherry Lane and the next Sunday and all subsequent Sundays we were at 273 W. Cherry Lane. For all their similarities, they are very different buildings with very different feels.
            I felt awkward and uncomfortable leading worship. It seemed as though there was a great gulf between me and the congregation. I felt isolated and distant from everyone. Additionally, people in the congregation kept moving around! I found it difficult to “take attendance” because I didn’t know where to look for folk. The clincher, of course, was all the difficulty we had with the sound system. Reverberations, dead spots, echoes. Should I speak softly, loudly, normally, or how?
            But God . . . knew what He was doing! We didn’t just decide to move to a new building. He was the One who led and directed us all along the way. That’s the conviction I’ve had from the outset. Though my natural man resists change and relocation and all that accompanies it, I want to follow God more than I want to be comfortable. I want to heed the Holy Spirit more than I want things to be exactly the way I want them. In the midst of all my discomfort there always has been the underlying sense of joy and hope. The words of Moses to the children of Israel on their way to the Promised Land continue to resonate with me: He brought us out . . . in order to bring us in. [Deut. 6:23]
            One of the final touches to be applied to our new church was the inscription on the gable end of the drop-off canopy. Have you noticed it? The idea is that all those who enter the building via the main entrance will see the inscription and think about how they are entering the building and for what purpose.
            The inscription, in case you’ve not seen it, is an arched while underneath in smaller, straight-across-the-board letters are the words with a grateful heart. As we come to this new building time after time, and even after it becomes the normal building, and even after it become the old building, may we come to give thanks not in a coldly formal fashion, but with hearts that are warmed and filled with gratitude to God. May we come with an eager anticipation of His continued work in and through us according to His good purposes.
            You know what I did to combat that great gulf of distance I experienced while leading worship? We decided to use the podium my Uncle Grant had made me a couple of decades ago and put it on the down further to the front on the lip of the chancel area. The gulf was gone!
            Now, after three months of Sunday worship in the new church, the folk in the pews have begun to settle down. The Radcliff clan can be found in the center of the center section. The Walbrandts and the Rittenhouses and the Edmondses and the McVaughs are off to my right. Kevin and Karli and their friends are off to my left. Ron and Marilee and Buck are in the back row. And . . . so forth.
            A new microphone did wonders for the sound situation. Also, the sound personnel have continued to make adjustments so the echo is disappearing and the dead spots are dying. The one area they have not been able to help out on is the speed with which I speak! Ahhh. As has been the case for the past forty years, that continues to be a problem!
            When I walk from the parsonage to the church what I often reflect on is the evening the Spiritual Council walked across the road to pray in Ronnie’s corn field asking God to guide us if we were supposed to build a new church there. The next evening the Consistory did the same thing. Every man prayed and sought the wisdom and provision of God for our congregation. We were at a point in time when we had to make a decision about what we would do. Now, when I cross that same space on my way to church I cannot but give thanks to God with a grateful heart.
            On Sunday mornings at 8:45 I get to teach Sunday School, specifically, I teach the Confirmation Class. I do so in a classroom that’s never been used before! It’s bright and clean and ready to be used. The same is true throughout the building. No one has taught and ministered in those rooms before. Now, what had been a grain field is a field full of rooms used to teach the truths of the Bible and the glory and goodness of God. How marvelous is that! It’s marvelous enough to give thanks to God with grateful hearts.
            I get blessed about 11:30 each Sunday morning. By then the service of worship is over, but the narthex is abuzz with clumps of folk hanging out, talking, and enjoying fellowship. Similar clumps of people are in the sanctuary. Some folk are praying, others are meeting fellow members whom they haven’t met before. Zig-zagging in and out of the groups are sets of kids who are just having fun. It’s a scene that prompts the giving of thanks with a grateful heart.
            Were you here for the organ concert on Sept. 25th? The sanctuary was filled, and afterwards the Fellowship Hall likewise had a full complement of folk. Did you make it here for the Rummage Sale? The gym proved to be a great venue for such an event. Have you been by on a Wednesday evening to experience a night of musical rehearsals, iBlast activities, and a few committee meetings? All are occasions for giving thanks to God with a grateful heart.
            Have you experienced heaven and hell in the new church? Lots of folk did on the last two weekends of October. Scenes depicting heaven and hell are part of the Judgement House outreach. After taking the tour, as I sat in the room while Pastor Steve gave the final summation and call for spiritual assessment, my inner man was leaping for joy over the ministry taking place in our church. Relational ministry among all the workers and participants, outreach ministry to the folk taking the tour, proclamation ministry as tour guides read their parts and actors/actresses performed their roles, and spiritual ministry as counselors spoke and prayed with those who responded and wanted to call out to God for mercy and help. Thank You, God, for Your goodness to us.
            So, back to my original question: do you feel comfortable in the new church? I am comfortable and getting more comfortable every day. God has provided a beautiful and very functional new building. What makes it most attractive, however, is the presence and working of His Spirit in our midst. Let’s give thanks to Him with grateful hearts.
                                                                                                In the Joy of the Lord,
                                                                                                John H.C. Niederhaus

November Pulpit Schedule

6th – Inevitable Conflict – Jeremiah 20:1-6; Luke 21:12-19; Acts 21:1-23
            The Jews of Jerusalem and the apostle Paul had absolutely contrary views on the most important of issues. We’re talking about issues that are deal breakers for each – issues on which they could not budge. While they might live in an agreed-upon truce for a time, it only took a spark to get the fire going. In His Olivet Discourse, this is exactly what Jesus told His disciples to expect, namely, that because of His name His followers would be maligned, imprisoned, and brought before courts to be condemned. Jeremiah experiences this as well. Will we?
13th – To Be Discussed – John 5:24-30, 39-47; 2 Peter 1:1-11; Acts 24:24-26
            When you talk with other folk about important issues of life, what exactly are the sorts of issues you should raise? In our main text today we have a window of observance into just such a conversation between the prisoner Paul and the man who kept him in prison, the Roman governor Felix. We might be surprised at what they discussed and the reaction of Felix to the discussions. In his telling of the discussions, Luke mentions three topics: righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come. Jesus and Peter talk about those topics as well.
20th – Consistency – Psalm 56; John 7:1-14; Acts 25:1-12
            Paul the prisoner knew about consistency. For two years Felix consistently spoke with him, knew the charges against him were trumped-up, and yet did not release Paul or seek to settle his case. When Festus arrives in Jerusalem to succeed Felix, the first thing the Jewish leaders ask of him is to have Paul brought to Jerusalem for trial. Consistent with their previous purposes, they plan to ambush and kill Paul on the way. Paul, however, is inconsistent. Two years earlier he pushed hard to get to Jerusalem, now he refuses. He appeals to Caesar instead.
24th – Responding in Turbulent Times – Prov. 3:5-12; Matt. 11:20-30; 1 Thess. 5:16-24
            Our primary text this Thanksgiving Eve is from 1 Thessalonians 5. Written by Paul, it is addressed to folk living in turbulent times, times not unlike our own post-election times. Less than a year earlier Paul was driven out of Thessalonica. There had been no church in the town when he arrived, but a small, vibrant church remained after he fled. He writes with timely advice. Our text is a series of imperatives – both positive and negative – followed by an explanation of how those imperatives may be obeyed. His advice concurs with that of Solomon and Jesus.
27th – At a Loss – Genesis 17:9-18; 18:9-15; Luke 1:1-24a; Acts 25:13-22
            The incarnation of Jesus changes everything. The conception and birth of the Son of God as a human baby is the decisive and definitive act of God. How do you explain what happened? How do you explain what it means? The life of Jesus of Nazareth is a mystery to the human mind from beginning to end. The Roman governor Festus says he is at a loss to understand the assertions made by Paul about Jesus. We’ll see others at a loss to explain the work of God, folk like Abraham, Sarah, and Zacharias. How about us – what do we say about Him?

From the Youth Pastor

Now the Building Begins
            My Dad was always the man with the plan. What I mean by this is every day when he arrived home from work he had a roll of plans under his arm to work on after dinner. You see his vocation is that of an architect. His whole career has been spent making plans for others to build with. As the son of an architect I can attest to hearing many a story of people and churches having building problems, and they would come to my dad for advice. It struck me that buildings can easily become burdens and I pray that will never be the case here at Leidy’s church. May we always hold loosely to this material blessing so that we can stay focused on being a spiritual blessing to others. I pray that we can always use the building to be a tool for building others in the faith. Let’s be like Abraham who left the comfortable to be blessed of God so as to be a blessing. (Genesis 12)
            Just like with Abraham there is no going back now, for it seems very evident that God is calling us into a new season of building. “What do you mean ‘building’? some may say, “aren’t we done with building? The construction has happened and the dedication has been and gone, so isn’t it now time to sit back and enjoy the new building?” Well, of course, we should enjoy the physical building space that God has provided, but now isn’t the time to go into cruise control, instead it’s time to step on the accelerator! It’s time to be people Under Construction, it’s time to build. Paul says, For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building. [1 Cor. 3:9] A new building requires new building.
            Like Abraham, let’s use the blessing to bless others! The Leidy’s Church building won’t be labeled “new” forever, so let’s use this moment as an excuse to introduce folks to our new building and what, under God, we are building in peoples’ lives. Already I have experienced so many fresh and new opportunities for ministry that have come from what our new facilities can now offer. Some days I pinch myself and can’t believe that this is our church location. For example I have never been in a church building that has an elevator and never thought it would be a ministry tool, but it has proven to be extremely helpful in several ways already – think Judgement House.
            We must remember who the architect behind the building is! No, I’m not talking about Rich Kapusta; I’m talking about our spiritual architect who builds His Church. Just like those churches that went to my dad for building advice, we always need to be people who seek advice from the heavenly architect on His building work. The author of Hebrews writes about Abraham as a faithful example who recognizes the one with the master plans. Listen to this: By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going. By faith he lived as an alien in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, fellow heirs of the same promise; for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God [Hebrews 11:8-10].
            In the faithful steps of Abraham may we also be willing to follow the call of the great architect and builder who is God. Whether it means tents or temples, may God’s people always be building!
                                                                                    In Christ,
                                                                                    Pastor Andrew Edmonds

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

            Thanksgiving Eve worship isn’t for everyone! It is for those folk who have good reason to give thanks, know such to be the case, and are intent on doing so in a corporate service of worship. If you are among those folk, then you are invited to come to Leidy’s Church on Thanksgiving Eve to join in giving thanks to God.
            In 2016 there is a major change to be kept in mind: the service begins at 7 pm this year. Because iBlast activities will not take place that evening, our service of worship can begin a bit earlier than normal.
            At that service of worship, traditional songs appropriate to Thanksgiving Day will be sung, some stirring testimonies will be shared, prayers of gratitude and intercession will be lifted to Almighty God, and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be heard.
            Ordinarily this is one of the more informal services we have during the course of a year, but it is a good and solemn and joyful service nonetheless. The intent is to have folk on their respective ways by 8:00 so that everyone has plenty of time to go home and get ready for the big events scheduled for the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day.
            As the article title states it, Come, Ye Thankful People, Come.

Doubling Your Dollars

            Can you believe it’s been twenty years since Leidy’s Church had a mortgage on her building? Well, that’s true. Our last mortgage was burned at the 1996 Congregational Meeting. This year the mortgage for the new building was locked in at the end of May. It currently stands at around $1.6 or $1.7 million. There are a couple of final settlements to be made with the General Contractor and with Franconia Township. It is hoped we will have sufficient assets when everything is finally settled to reduce the mortgage by another $250 – $350,000 by the end of the year.
            That brings us to the Doubling Your Dollar campaign for 2016. Generous benefactors from our congregation are prepared to match each dollar given to the Building Fund during November and December. Not an unlimited number of dollars will be matched, but only the first 150,000 dollars that are given will be matched. Wow! That’s a generous challenge indeed.
            Probably your mental calculator has been crunching numbers trying to figure out where we would be if we have assets to pay down our mortgage and if the Doubling Your Dollars challenge is fully matched. Our hope is that it will come to $999,999 or less. Should such be the case, we would be able to enter 2017 with less than a million dollar mortgage.
            We thank God for His provisions for us. We have been blessed amazingly. This opportunity to double our dollars during November and December is another example of His care for us. Seek the Lord and see how you can help us meet this $150,000 challenge.

Symphony Orchestra at Leidy’s Church

            For the first time, we have a symphony orchestra performing at Leidy’s Church. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra will be performing their Family Holiday Concert in our Fellowship Hall on Sunday, December 18, at 3 pm.
            This is the second concert in the orchestra’s 2016-2017 season, and it is their first ever indoor concert in the Souderton area. Music selections will be lighter and appropriate for the season, and a few children will be offered the opportunity to conduct the orchestra. Mezzo Soprano, Teresa Bucholz will be the featured soloist. Pastor Niederhaus will be a special guest as he narrates T’was The Night Before Christmas.
            General Admission tickets are $20, seniors tickets $15, under 18 $5, and students are free. Tickets can be purchased in advance at their web site ( or at the door the day of the concert. For further information, see Bob Bugge.

Internship to Kenya?

            Chariots for Hope is accepting applicants for their 2017 summer internship program. Lasting for eight weeks, the program takes place in Kenya among the orphanages they oversee. Since 2010 some 26 interns have gone through this program.
            It is designed for college student or young adults. Qualifications include loving to work with children; being flexible, pro-active, and enjoy serving others; international travel experience or significant cross-cultural experience; and available for the full eight weeks of the program.
            Interns are expected to raise $4,200 in financial support, which is why the call is going out now! The tentative dates for 2017 are May 31 through July 28.
            Interns are fully incorporated into the operations of a children’s home in Kenya with the purpose of enhancing their professional skills in a cross-cultural setting. They become an integral part of Chariots for Hope’s work in loving, nurturing, and providing for vulnerable and orphaned children.
               If this is of interest to you, please contact Crystal Parisi at or call her at 215-840-2526. Of course, you may also contact someone on our Mission Committee.

Music and Worship News

            A big event is happening on Monday evening, November 14th. A fellowship dinner, worship time, and brief message on the heart of worship takes place at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall. All persons currently involved in music ministry – e.g. choir, worship team, bells, media techs, etc. – should plan to attend this event.
               If you are not currently involved in this facet of ministry, but would like to become involved or find out more about it, then you should attend this event also. You may call the church office to register your intention to attend or send an email to Pastor Chris at

Women’s Ministry

            Ladies of Leidy’s
            Ladies of Leidy’s meets on Tuesday evening at 7:00 in the Conference Room, the meeting will include a discussion of the various Christmas projects, and a recap of how the fall Rummage Sale did in our new facility. All ladies are welcome to attend.
            Precept Study
            A new Precept study will begin on November 10th with a series based on the Sermon on the Mount. The class meets in Room 118 beginning at 9 a.m. If you wish to be part of this new study, please contact Verna Bowman at or call her at 215-237-1370.

Finally, It Happens!

            Assuming the final coming of the Lord Jesus doesn’t take place and that a giant meteor doesn’t hit our planet and that the electric grid doesn’t fail, the election season will end with Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th. Hallelujah!
            There should be a large voter turnout. In case you had not heard, this is a presidential election year! But it is a big deal in PA as well. Half of the 50 Pennsylvania State Senate seats are up for voting, as well as all the 203 State Representative seats. Oh yes, there is a race for U.S. Senator from PA going on. And all the 18 U.S. Congressional seats from PA are up for voting. All of which points to a super high day for voter turnout.
            Since Leidy’s Church is a polling place for two precincts, we anticipate lots of folk coming through our doors that day. The Fellowship Hall and the Kitchen areas are reserved for election preparations, actual voting, and the wrap-up details from late afternoon on Monday the 7th through about 9:30 pm on Tuesday the 8th.
            If you are present at church during the voting hours on Tuesday, please park farther away in our parking lot so those who come by to vote have access to the closest and most convenient parking slots. Oh yes, make certain you go out and vote.

Craft & Gift Show

            Before you stuff yourself at Thanksgiving or hit the crowds at the mall, come and explore all the unique gifts at our Christmas Craft and Gift Sale on Saturday, November 19th from 9-2.  There will be lots of homemade goods and crafts for anyone on your gift list.  Even if your shopping is done by
then…come out and show support for our vendors and enjoy lunch and baked goods from the famous Ladies of Leidy’s bakers!
Anticipating Questions about Christmas
            Yes, we’re aware that Christmas is not until December. Already we’ve been getting queries in the office about details for this Christmas. Why? Because Christmas Day falls on a Sunday. Five years ago in 2011 a Sunday was also Christmas Day. We’ll do the same in 2016 as we did in 2011. Here’s what that means:
  • Yes, we’ll have our normal Christmas Eve services on Saturday at 7 and 10 pm.
  • No, we will not have Sunday School on Christmas Day – though we may have some goodies for those who would like to come at the Sunday School time.
  • Yes, we will have our normal service of worship, though not at 8 and 10:45 as in 2011, rather the one service of worship at 10 am.
  • This means caroling most likely will happen on Sunday the 11th of December.
  • Just as a heads-up, the North Penn Symphony will present its Christmas program at Leidy’s Church in the Fellowship Hall on the afternoon of the 18th.
            You’re welcome! Glad we could answer some questions for you and help with the planning of your Christmas schedule.

Bless a Child this Christmas

            Operation Christmas Child
            A project sponsored by the Mission Committee is the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes through Samaritan’s Purse. Boxes are available on a table in the narthex. Just pick one or two up, take it home, fill it, and bring it back.
            You’ll see the boxes are designated for a boy or a girl, and also are separated into age groups of 2 to 4 years old, 5 to 9 years old, and 10 to 14 years old. On the same table where you get the boxes, you’ll also find gift suggestion lists.
            The shoeboxes represent more than encouragement and good wishes. They become gospel opportunities that open doors to share the love of Jesus Christ. Though we don’t know exactly where our shoeboxes will go, Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes will be shared with children and their family all around the globe and may be the only Christmas they receive.
            All shoeboxes need to be returned no later than November 20th so don’t delay. And thank you for sharing Christ’s love by providing a shoebox.
            Help a Local Child Enjoy Christmas
            Gwen Damiani is a member of Leidy’s Church who is a social worker at the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth. Gwen is seeking “Angels” who are interested in helping children involved in the child welfare system enjoy Christmas this year. Each year, that Agency compiles a list of disadvantaged children who might not receive any Christmas presents. It obtains wish lists from the children and then seeks individuals to purchase items on the list, wrap them appropriately, and deliver them to the Agency. Gwen is offering to supply the information relating to a child and deliver any gifts brought to the church. She would like to be contacted by any individuals interested in helping by November 20th.
            If you have interest in helping, please contact Gwen at Gifts would need to be purchased and ready for Gwen to pick-up by December 4th. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Within the Fellowship

            Our sincere Christian sympathy to Bill Parfitt and family at the death of his father, and Ken Murphy and family at the death of his mother. May God be with them at this time.
            Congratulations to Stephen and Irina Yagilnicky at the dedication of their children, Aleks, Maikil, and Elein, and to Justin and Julia Gregory at the baptism of their son, Oscar Daniel. May God be with these families as they grow in Him.
            Congratulations to Ben and Kate (Mast) Brunner who were united in Christian marriage on October 1st. May God be with them as begin their life together in Him.
            Congratulations to Justin and Chrissie Lockman at the birth of a son, Felix James. May God be with them as they grow in Him.

Prayer of Dedication for the New Church

            At the Service of Dedication for our new church building a formal Prayer of Dedication was lifted up to God. Such a prayer is to be remembered. God will remember it. God will answer it. We should remember it, allowing it to inform our ongoing prayers and vision for ministry. It is printed below. The entire congregation joined in the prayer at the points marked Today.
Almighty God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We bless Your name.
            You alone are God and there is none other at all.
            We are here today amazed at Your great goodness to us. We thank You.
            We acknowledge that it is not to us, but to Your name that all glory should be given.
            We dedicate this facility and this congregation to You.
For the worship of Almighty God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
            For the singing of praise and making joyful acclamations
            For the confession of sins and for the confession of faith
Today We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
For the reading of Your Word,
            For instruction in Your way
            For the study of Your truth
            For the proclamation of the Gospel
Today  We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
For the administration of the sacraments,
            For the ministry of comfort and correction
            For the help of those who are tempted
            For the comfort of those who mourn
Today  We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
For the building up of the family,
            For the faithfulness of husbands and wives
            For the blessing of children born and to be born
            For the raising of godly children, sons & daughters
Today  We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
For the summoning of people to serve in Jesus’ name,
            For the faithful use of gifts You’ve given
            For ministry to this community in which You’ve placed us
            For ministry to the farther places in this world  where you send us
Today  We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
For a standard of righteousness against unrighteousness,
            For a standard of purity against defilement
            For a standard of hope against despair
            For a standard of love against hatred
Today  We dedicate this facility and this congregation.
O God, we cannot express adequately our love for You or our ardent desire to be Your
            faithful people. Our desire is to love You with all our heart, soul, mind, and
            strength. And our neighbor as ourselves. You have brought us this far, continue to
                        Guide us
                        Protect us
                        Correct us
                        Use us
                        Fill us
                        And bless us that we might be a blessing,
That through us, mere jars of clay, great glory may be given to You, the one, the true, the living God, who reigns supreme over all the universe. We bless Your holy name.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen.

Grace for Parents

By Jerri Thompson
            What do you do when one of your adult children declares, “You are the worst parent ever!” and slams the door? My first reaction: I will dissolve in a puddle on the floor right here and die. Then I realized that wasn’t happening, and I would have to deal with this.
            Second reaction: How could this child believe that? I was doing my best. Yes, I made mistakes, but surely they weren’t that evil. And then I remembered how in my thirties, I had read a book called Toxic Parents. Subsequently, I had sent my parents a harsh letter accusing them of being such parents. However, three or so years later, I apologized. I had realized that they were doing the best they could with the skills and resources available to them. Delving into some family history, I considered that they had certainly parented my sisters and I better than their parents had parented them. Maybe this child of mine would arrive at a similar conclusion someday.
            Still my mind could not set aside the accusation. I had really done my best, but still I had somehow missed something big with this child.
            Third reaction: Where was God in all of this?  Now, I have never heard God’s audible voice, but in the midst of my ruminations and tears over this incident, it seemed as if God spoke firmly to me, “Jerri, your happiness and self-worth in this life do not have their roots in a happy, harmonious Norman-Rockwell-Thanksgiving-dinner family. Your satisfaction must arise from knowing and loving me.”
            “I know that,” I reply.
            “You don’t always live like it.”
            I whisper, “I know that, too.”
            He replies gently, “That’s what grace is for. Keep working on it. Remember I am with you.”
            His grace is enough to cover this. His grace is enough to deal with my mistakes and sins. His grace is enough to deal with my adult child’s mistakes and sins. His grace is enough to bring us all home to Him someday. For now, I carry on, remembering that He is with me.

Consistory Notes

            Below are some highlights from the monthly Consistory meeting that took place on the balmy evening of October 5th:
  • Faith was the theme of Greg Nase’s devotional thoughts. He read several definitions of faith followed by a number of key biblical passages. From personal examples Greg taught how faith sustains one in the ups and downs of life. He encouraged all to go forward in faith, convinced of the utter trustworthiness of God.
  • The building project is about wrapped up. Soon there should be a final meeting with the Inspector from Labor and Industry to see that we’ve complied with his final correctional points. Urwiler and Walter have completed the “as-built” survey which now goes to the Township Engineer and also to the Montco Conservation District for final reviews and approvals. Penn Builders has a couple of items to complete as well.
  • Received a report concerning the old church. The lease is in effect and the premises are occupied. Another ministry, Child Evangelism Fellowship, has sublet office space in the building.
  • Discussed the old organ. Do we keep it? Is there a market for it? Should quarterly maintenance be continued? The church worshiping in the old sanctuary does not use it and does not plan to use it. These are all items that need to be resolved.
  • A “Facility Usage” document was distributed and gone over briefly. It will need to be studied by all and then addressed more fully at the next meeting.
  • Pastor Chris Tawney explained plans to expand our presence on social media. Much improvement is noted in sound quality in the sanctuary as techies continue to make adjustments. In-house training of volunteers continues and we would like to have more.
  • Pastor Andrew Edmonds noted that we are in full-prep mode for Judgement House. He indicated even Consistorymen could get involved. Also beginning this month is iBlast which is being done in conjunction with Child Evangelism Fellowship.
  • Francis Weiss reported the Kitchen Committee is in the process of developing rules and policies for using the kitchen. The kitchen was re-inspected recently and passed again! The temperature of the hot water in the kitchen will be reduced significantly.
  • Greg Nase from the Property Committee reported fencing has been installed around the children’s playground just outside the classrooms. Also, the dumpster area is now fenced appropriately.
  • The Property Committee also reported the dead shrubs will be replaced soon by the subcontractor who planted them. Greg is working on getting some benches to be placed outside near the main entrance.
  • Approved motions to make a donation of $200 to the Souderton Perseverance Fire Company as well as $200 to the Souderton Fire-Police for their help at the Dedication Service.
  • Various other reports were received and other matters discussed.
    The meeting was adjourned at 10:01 pm following a time of directed intercessory prayer and the unison praying of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Westminster Larger Catechism

            In considering the duties Scripture identifies as being required of man, the Ten Commandments must be inquired of thoroughly. The Larger Catechism does so in questions 100 through 148. This month we look at the second commandment.
What the Scriptures Principally Require as the Duty of Man
            Question 107: What is the second commandment?
            Answer: The second commandment is, Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
            Question 108: What are the duties required in the second commandment?
            Answer: The duties required in the second commandment are, the receiving, observing, and keeping pure and entire, all such religious worship and ordinances as God has instituted in his word; particularly prayer and thanksgiving in the name of Christ; the reading, preaching, and hearing of the word; the administration and receiving of the sacraments; church government and discipline; the ministry and maintainance thereof; religious fasting; swearing by the name of God; and vowing to him; as also the disapproving, detesting, opposing all false worship; and, according to each one’s place and calling, removing it, and all monuments of idolatry.
            Question 109: What are the sins forbidden in the second commandment?
            Answer: The sins forbidden in the second commandment are, all devising, counseling, commanding, using, and any wise approving, any religious worship not instituted by God himself; the making any representations of God, of all or of any of the three persons, either inwardly in our mind, or outwardly in any kind of image or likeness of any creature whatsoever; all worshipping of it, or God in it or by it; the making of any representation of feigned deities, and all worship of them, or service belonging to them, all superstitious devices, corrupting the worship of God, adding to it, or taking from it, whether invented and taken up of ourselves, or received by tradition from others, though under the title of antiquity, custom, devotion, good intent, or any other pretence whatsoever; simony; sacrilege; all neglect, contempt, hindering, and opposing the worship and ordinances which God has appointed.
            Question 110: What are the reasons annexed to the second commandment, the more to enforce it?
            Answer: The reasons annexed to the second commandment, the more to enforce it, contained in these words: “For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy to thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments;” are, besides God’s sovereignty over us, and propriety in us, his fervent zeal for his own worship, and his revengeful indignation against all false worship, as being a spiritual whoredom; accounting the breakers of this commandment such as hate him, and threatening to punish then to divers generations; and esteeming the observers of it such as love him and keep his commandments, and promising mercy to them to many generations.

Continue to Pray

            Planned Parenthood is celebrating its 100th birthday. We find it difficult to join the celebration. Undoubtedly some good has been done, but the overwhelming “fruit” of this business is death and moral corruption.
            Since 2010 Planned Parenthood has done 66,890 abortions in the greater Philadelphia area. Over 6,000 of those were done in the Bucks County Planned Parenthood facility in Warminster. That’s just since 2010.
            Continue to pray and ask God for mercy for us and our land in the face of this continual spilling of innocent blood. We need him to give us tender, teachable hearts and minds.

November Ministries

Lay Visitors:
6th       Chris & Katie Tawney
13th     Velva Stevenson
20th     Alice Kraus
27th     Ken & Connie Merritt
Tape Ministry:
6th       Alice Kraus
13th     BJ Kulp
20th     Denise Kulp
27th     Julia Kulp
6th       Rock & Astrid Rau
13th     Dave & Lorraine Reich
20th     Japheth & Rachel Rittenhouse
27th     Ken & Wanda Ritter
Usher Captains: Greg Nase & Glen Tyson
Ushers: Kendall Musselman, Ken Merritt, Dave Kirkpatrick, Bill Parfitt, Roger Jones, Skip Smith, Kevin Godshall, Gregg Guerreiro, Andrew Rosenbaum
The Emergency Committee for November is Randy and Cathy Annis