October Newsletter
Pastor’s Column
            Do you ever get asked, “What denomination is Leidy’s Church?” I do. It is asked much more often than I would have imagined. Now that we’ve moved into our new church facility I suspect all of us will get asked some version of that question more frequently. If you get asked that question, how will you answer? Here are some of my thoughts/responses to those sorts of questions.
            We must answer that question by saying Leidy’s Church is not part of any denomination. That’s been the case since July of 1992. When people hear that answer, often they will follow up with something like, “Oh, you mean you’re an independent church?” Then I have to explain that though we’re not part of a denomination, neither do we want to identify as independent. We want to be connected with other churches in our area. We think they have much to offer us and we have something to offer them.
            When we withdrew from the denomination we did not withdraw from the Church with a capital “C.” In fact, we had a renewed appreciation for the Church and the churches that comprise the body of Christ. Part of what we discovered is that no single congregation/church can be the Church alone. The body of Christ is just that, a body. Just as in one’s body, though a hand functions differently than a foot, both are valued parts of the same body. They should work in coordination with one another – and with the other parts of the body of Christ. All the parts, though, are to be under the head of the body, the Lord Jesus.
            To continue that analogy, denominations are usually comprised of particular body parts, that is, one denomination is mostly arms, while another one may be feet, and yet another of ribs. It’s like the old adage that says birds of a feather flock together. Thus, Southern Baptist churches have a flavor distinctively their own. Likewise there are distinctive flavors characterizing the Mennonites and the Presbyterians and the Assemblies of God and so forth.
            In any geographic region the whole body of Christ is found not in any one particular congregation, but in the right and good relationships between the many faithful congregations in that region. That’s why Leidy’s Church works at connecting with other churches in our area. We’re not looking for an organizational connection as in a denomination, but in a cooperative and mutually encouraging ministry relationship.
            What does that look like? Well, we try to help the pastors of our area know, respect, inform, and support one another. We expect our pastors to connect with other area pastors. Also, we participate in mutual ministry with other congregations when possible. So, for instance, on Sept. 11th we joined with other Christians for a public service of worship in Souderton Borough Park for a 9-11 service of remembrance. In October we will be among the churches participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign that prays each day at the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Warminster.
            Others among us serve on the boards of – or work as volunteers with – parachurch organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Pregnancy Resource Center, God’s House of Promise, God’s Treasure House, and Child Evangelism Fellowship among many others.
            Each Sunday morning in the pastoral prayer we pray for two other area churches. Such praying not only brings those churches before the throne of God, it also reminds us we’re part of the believing body of Christ in our area. We don’t make up the entire body. No local church does. We want to support and encourage each part of the Lord’s body. We need to remember the Lord Jesus is working through all parts of His body in our area, not just through us.
             But the body of Christ reaches around the globe. When we were part of a denomination, the main ways we sought to have a global reach was through the denomination. Support for missionaries and support for ministry to the needs of society were channeled through denominational agencies. How does that work when a church is not part of a denomination?
            Well, we’ve worked hard to keep our minds and hearts oriented globally as well as locally. Through the efforts of our Mission Committee our support for folk on the mission field has steadily increased over the years. This year we provide support for 25 missionaries scattered from Harleysville to Philadelphia to India to the Philippines to London to Kenya to Ukraine to Bangladesh to Papua New Guinea and to many other places as well. Some are part of denominational mission efforts; most work with non-affiliated mission agencies. We allocate over $100,000 to support these mission workers that include mechanics, medical personnel, educators, youth workers, church planters, engineers, pastors, administrators, architects, pilots, and who knows what else!
            Another part of our budget provides support for ministry agencies that work in essential areas, but areas that can be overlooked or fall through the cracks. That list has grown over the years and now includes 35+ agencies with total funding over $75,000. The fields of labor include seminary education, outreach to Muslims, creation ministries, ministries focused on intercession, prison ministries, Bible translation, outreach to Jews in Israel, help and advocacy for persecuted Christians, ministry to those with sexual issues, orphan and adoption ministries, and even an evangelical archeological ministry among others.
            All this reinforces to our minds and hearts that we are part of something much larger than us, namely, the Church across the nation and around the world.
            But there’s still another facet of the Church we seek to remember and live within, that is, the Church that stretches throughout history and into eternity. As part of our worship we include creeds and catechisms often composed during times of great duress to give expression to eternal truths. When we recite The Apostles’ Creed, we do so knowing that through the ages these same truths have been on the lips of martyrs and monks, simple Christians and the most erudite of Christians.
            The fountainhead from which all this flows is the Bible. It is God’s Word to us. We understand that God gave the Church all the Bible for all of life.
            So, no, Leidy’s Church is not part of a denomination. We are, though, one small light flickering among the bright host of faithful congregations that stretches back through the millennia, that reaches forward to the cusp of eternity, and that seeks to shine for the Lord Jesus Christ in this our day. To God be the glory, great things He has done!
                                                                                    In the Joy of the Lord,
                                                                                    John H.C. Niederhaus

October Pulpit Schedule

2nd – How to Get the Truth Out – Psalm 119:65-72; John 18:33-19:16; Acts 22:22-29
            The Roman commander sets out to find out the truth about Paul? Who is he really? What has he done? He wants to get the truth out. Such being the case, we’re surprised to discover the means he intends to use: torture! Why was that routine practice in interrogations? Is it still done? Is it effective? In our OT text the Psalmist affirms that it was good that he was afflicted. What does that mean? In our Gospel text we’ll find Pilate seeking to get out the truth, but in so doing his own soul will be afflicted. Is there any such thing as truth, or is it all just one’s perspective?
9th – Knowing for Certain – Mark 12:18-27; Luke 18:9-14; Acts 22:30–23:10
            Claudius Lysias, the head of the Roman troops in Jerusalem, could not figure out why in the world the Jews were so upset with Paul. He wants to know for certain what the deal is. He assembles the Jewish authorities, men who knew for certain what they knew, and anticipates getting some certain answers – finally! Instead, he gets a near-riot. What happened? The folk he brought together knew for certain what they knew (we’ll meet them in our Gospel texts), but could not agree on what they didn’t know, except knowing for certain the others were wrong!
16th – The Heart of the Problem – Ezekiel 11:19-21; Psalm 51; Matthew 5:8
            What if you knew the solution, the antidote, or the cure to all of life’s woes? Would you not want to spread this great knowledge all around so that many of the world’s problems could be remedied? This scenario isn’t as far fetched as it first appears! The solution to all our problems is always a split second away at any one moment or, maybe more accurately, a heartbeat away. However, the problems of our day – think national politics, race issues, and broken homes – are also a mere heartbeat from each of us. Only Scripture can help us with the heart of the problem.
23rd – Foreshadowing – Genesis 3:14-21; Galatians 3:6-9; Acts 23:11-24
            It’s good to know that we’re God’s workmanship and that He has prepared works for us to do – ahead of time! Paul had a number of profound experiences with the risen Lord Jesus. There is one in today’s text from Acts. The Lord speaks to Paul audibly, foreshadowing what lies ahead. The accusers of Paul also experience foreshadowing. There’s a big difference, however, for their foreshadowing comes through the words they say rather than through what God has said. The Bible is full of foreshadowing, for all things work according to God’s plan.
30th – O Truth, Where Art Thou? – Habakkuk 1-2; Romans 1:16–17; Acts 23:23-35
            This is Reformation Sunday! It’s a day to commemorate the rediscovery of Gospel truth in the life of the Church. Our OT text and our Epistle text are key parts of the Bible that God used to teach the Gospel to Martin Luther. Like Habakkuk, Luther had lots of questions; like Habakkuk, he got answers. Luther received the truth: about God and about mankind. Throughout October we’ve read about the Roman commander Claudius Lysias seeking to find out the truth about Paul. In his letter to the governor, though, we find Claudius fudging in his pursuit of truth.

From the Youth Pastor

Having some sober judgment this October
            Leidy’s Church is about to produce another year of Judgement House ministry. The goal is to share gospel truths with those in our backyard and beyond. It’s important for those of us who have grown familiar with this ministry not to be casual in our attitude as we undertake such an important task. We ought not to forget that many who will fill the tour spots will experience the production in such a way that it will cause them to pause and intensely reflect on their own (and others’) life in the light of newly understood eternal realities. What is just another night of acting or serving for us Judgement House team members, may be the most “earth shaking” and “mind blowing” night for those guests. Many will be spiritually awakened or convicted through the presentation.
            Therefore, we must be sober in our own judgment as we think about our various roles this October. It can be all too easy to allow a “Movie Star” or “Better than others” mentality to creep into our attitude and efforts. Together, we are God’s message-bearers heralding the greatest news anyone can ever hear. For who are we really? We are simple, but grace-saturated, clay jars. This is what comes to my mind. So as mere servants who have had such a task entrusted to us, we must diligently proceed in this ministry-calling with much humility. Sober judgment about our Judgement House is needed!
            On occasion over the years I have seen how some church folks (serving or inviting friends) can easily become casual or prideful when sharing about hell and judgment in particular. May we be “God fearing” and extremely mindful of this dangerous attitude as actors, helpers, and people seeking to bring people to our Judgement House. Let’s take heed of the advice of the great preacher Robert Murray M’Cheyne. He was talking with fellow preacher Andrew Bonar who had just preached the previous Sunday on the topic of “Hell.” M’Cheyne asked him, “Did you preach it with tears?”
            May we never go into sharing or acting out judgment/hell flippantly. May we have tears in our eyes as we share these realities. For although the Christian escapes the judging that casts into the lake of fire, we don’t escape the judging of how we served that will be tested by fire. May we tell the truth in sober judgment with tears in our eyes because of this reality.
            Paul charges the Romans to have sound (the NIV says sober) judgment. He writes, “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith” (Romans 12:3). Likewise, may we also be humble servants who exercise sober judgment about our roles as people who serve. Pray that those to whom we minister will sober up to the gospel message as they become aware of the coming judgment. Amen.
                                                                                    In Christ,
                                                                                    Pastor Andrew Edmonds

Women’s Ministry

Ladies Conference
            A Season and a Purpose, the speakers will be our very own Verna Bowman and Sue Landis. Please plan to join them for a morning of fellowship, refreshment, music and a timely message from each of them. The date is Saturday, November 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Rummage Sale

            The week of October 9th is when this fall’s Rummage Sale takes place. This is our first Rummage Sale in the new building. Gone are the days of the sale in a number of rooms and places around the building –  the whole sale will all take place in the gym! We will be selling all of the donated items that we have received, and our community is invited to shop for clothing, books, toys, household items and much more!
                Many workers are needed. On Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. items are unpacked and arranged. Wednesday  (9 a.m. -8 p.m.) and Thursday (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) are sale days so we need friendly workers to bag items, serve as cashiers, and straighten items as many shoppers come to make their purchases. On Thursday at 6 p.m. we need willing hands and/or strong backs to pack up the unsold items. Mary Beth Musselman has a schedule sheet she needs to fill, so be sure to speak with her if you can be plugged in at any time to help.
                The funds raised at the “Big R” are disbursed where needed amount the people and ministries of Leidy’s Church as well as throughout our community by The Ladies of Leidy’s. It’s a big undertaking, and with your help we can make it another great event.

Lutheran Home Service

            October 30th is Reformation Sunday in 2016, the day when Martin Luther’s posting of 95 theses on the church door of Wittenberg is commemorated. How providential, then, that Leidy’s Church is privileged to lead worship on that afternoon at the Telford Lutheran Community.
            The service begins at 2:30 in the chapel and is scheduled to end by 3:15. Pastor Niederhaus will be preaching and the chancel choir will be singing. You’re invited to come out, greet/interact with the residents, and enjoy worship.

Countdown is Happening: Blast Off in the Offing

               October 12 is the date for the launch of iBlast at Leidy’s Church. It will be 17 weeks of faith, fun & fellowship for elementary age students. Student participants will learn foundational Biblical truths and be strengthened in their knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ.
Schedule & Themes:
October 12: Fall Festival (Kickoff)
October 19: Extreme Game Night
October 26th: Bring a Friend Night
November 2: Wacky Wednesday 
November 9: Science Night
November 16: Boot Camp
November 23: No Meeting – Thanksgiving Eve worship @ 7:00 for whole family
November 30: Lego Night
December 7: Fiesta Night
December 14: Family Christmas Party
[For those looking way ahead, 2017 iBlast dates: January 11 through March 1.]
Register for dinner and iBLAST at www.leidyschurch.org
5:00-5:45 – A family dinner will be served for those participating in and helping with iBlast. The dining area will remain open for families until iBlast registration opens at 5:50 p.m.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for this dinner.
5:30-6:00 – Grace Notes Kids Choir practice will take place for all children Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Children planning to participate in choir should arrive early for dinner so they are prepared to go to the choir room at 5:25.
6:00–6:10 – Registration opens and children are welcomed by their iBlast Mentors in their assigned group table in fellowship hall. All children must be signed in by a parent or guardian.
6:15-6:30 – All children gather together in Fellowship Hall for the large group meeting which will be emceed by Leidy’s Church Youth Pastor Andrew Edmonds.
6:35-7:30 – Children rotate through three activities with their mentors: craft or games (alternating each week), Bible story, and breakout sessions (Mentor’s one-on-one time with their group).
7:30 – Children return to their group table for pick-up by their designated parent or guardian.
               The iBlast program is done in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). So:
What is Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)?  CEF is a Bible-centered organization whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls, establish them in the Word of God, and ensure that they are involved in a local church where they can continue their Christian walk.  One of the ways that CEF achieves this goal is by partnering with local churches to offer outreach programs like iBlast. You can read more about CEF at www.cefonline.com.
Who is eligible to attend iBlast? All children age 5 through 6th grade.  This includes the children of Leidy’s Church members, their friends, and members of the community.

Judgement House News and Info

               During the last two weekends in October the new Immanuel Leidy’s Church facilities will host our Judgement House presentation. This year the presentation is titled Deadly Encounter. Be sure to come and witness the drama and bring others to this specially designed gospel presentation that sets forth the necessity of Christian faith.
               To be noted: this year we are taking reservations for October 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th (six nights). Tours begin at 6 pm and last approximately one hour. A new tour leaves about every 10 minutes. The last tour departs at 9 pm. Individual or group reservations for ages 12 and up are strongly recommended and can be arranged by calling Leidy’s Church at 215-723-8707. The suggested donation is $3 and the presentation is now handicapped accessible.
We are looking for adults who love children to look after those too young to tour Judgment and Hell scenes; security guards; set construction workers, room decorators, make up artists, costume helpers, kitchen workers, registration helpers. If interested, please fill out interest form (found on the Judgement House table in narthex). Thank you for serving in the Lord’s work with us.
9/25 – Practice Time #1 * from 4:30 – 5:30 (meet in youth room)
10/2 – Practice Time #2 * from 4:30 – 5:30 (meet in youth room)
10/9 – Practice Time #3 * from 4:30 – 5:30 (meet in youth room)
10/16 – Practice Time #4 * from 4:30 – 5:30 (meet in youth room)
10/21 – Presentation Night #1
10/22 – Presentation Night #2
10/23 – Presentation Night #3
10/28 – Presentation Night #4
10/29 – Presentation Night #5
10/30 – Presentation Night #6
11/4 – Pizza & Pack Up Night – from 5:30 onwards
               Don’t forget, but remember that anyone age 18 or older planning to be involved in security, acting, counseling, being a guide, serving in the kitchen, babysitting, make-up, registration, costumes, or any capacity at practices will have contact with youth from our church and from the community and therefore must complete the new background check process. Please contact the church office for written directions on completing this easy process to get clearances that last five years.

Maioranos to Visit Leidy’s Church

            Leidy’s Church is glad to have the Maiorano family stop on their eastern tour and visit with us. On Saturday evening, October 22nd, they will host a report-back/information time for those who have been involved in or who want to know more about their ministry. It will be held in the Youth Room of Leidy’s Church.
            On Sunday, October 23rd, the Maioranos will make presentations in Sunday School and in the service of worship. During Sunday School they will tell about the ministry God has given them, while several of their students will be on hand to demonstrate some of the fruit of that ministry. This will take place in the Issues & Answers class meeting in the Fellowship Hall.
            They will share also, though more briefly, in the service of worship.
            For over 20 years Jim and Linda Maiorano have ministered on the border of Arizona and New Mexico, about 25 miles west of Gallup, NM, and just a couple of miles east of Window Rock, AZ. They run a Christian Day School ministering mostly to children from the nearby Navajo reservation as well as leading Precept Bible Studies for all the local populace. They raise a lot of their own foods and have learned much, as well as taught much, since relocating from Montgomery County, PA to New Mexico.
            This is an excellent opportunity to learn about and connect with a couple Leidy’s Church has supported for many years.

How the Trickle Grows

            One of the texts read at the Dedication Service was Ezekiel 47:1-12 which describes how a trickle of water coming from the altar in the temple seeps out the eastern gate, reaches the point where it is ankle deep. A little farther on and it is knee deep, then thigh deep, and then so deep it requires swimming. It was pointed out that this stream was a picture of the power of God’s purpose being accomplished incrementally through history and throughout the world. So, what might that look like in real life? Glad you asked!
            For over 25 years through her partnership with Glad Tidings India, Leidy’s Church has supported the training of church planters in India. We never meet the church planters; they don’t even know we exist for the most part; but our relationship is part of that stream in Ezek. 47.
            For instance, in 1989 a man named Sam went through the church planter school. He began a ministry among the Kapu people who lived in a coastal area of Andhra Pradesh. It was just a prayer group to begin with. After three years he had baptized 58 persons and 90 individuals had made professions of faith. A second prayer group was started in a village not far away, but where there were no Christians.
            What’s happened since then? Well, Sam has planted 42 more churches! He has 17 associate church planters working under his direction. Other small worship groups are in place in over 80 villages. Sam started a Christian school which, so far, has graduated 589 students. He also began an orphanage which feeds almost 100 destitute children each day.
            The trickle has grown! And wherever it has gone, it has brought healing to the people. Glad Tidings India (known in India as India Bible Literature) does not know how many similar stories could be told, but is certain there are many. Only in heaven will we know all the ways God has used the funds we’ve given to support mission work in India and around the world. We’re blessed to be part of the trickle.

Have You Heard? Get a Voice!

            In case you haven’t heard, 2016 is a presidential election year. If you haven’t heard about that, perhaps someone should call the ambulance!
            Each of us should vote in each election, certainly in a presidential election year. To vote, however, you must be registered. If you’re not registered to vote, then you should know it is not hard to get registered. The Church and Community Committee has made it really easy. Just go to the Narthex Hutch and you’ll find the necessary form to fill out. You’ll have to hurry, though, because October 11th is the latest one may register and still vote in the Nov. 8th election. That’s when the form needs to be at the Voter Registration office, so it needs to be in the mail by the 8th or 9th of October.
            If you need an Absentee Ballot, you’ll find applications for such a ballot in the Narthex Hutch. Get it soon. Remember to allow time for your application to go to Norristown or Doylestown, for it to be acted on, for a ballot sent to you, the ballot filled out by you, and then returned to the Board of Election no later than November 4th.
            This precious opportunity to vote is not only a right, but a duty. Let your voice be heard.

Take a Knee and Stand for Life

            On the 28th of September a special 40 day period of prayer began. People in all 50 states along with folk from over a score of countries around the world are uniting in praying for an end to abortion. Locally, the point of prayer is in Warminster, on Louis Drive, just off Street Road.
            Each day volunteers come to pray near the Planned Parenthood abortuary at that location. Some volunteers stay for an hour, some for a couple of hours, some for 15 minutes. But they all unite in calling on God to help deliver moms and babies and grandparents and Planned Parenthood workers and drivers-by from the wicked lie that abortion is OK.
            The day when Leidy’s Church has committed to have volunteers present for prayer is Monday, October 24th. We need coverage from 7 am to 7 pm. Please contact the church office to indicate when you will be able to be at 610 Louis Drive to pray on the 24th.
            40 Days for Life began in 2007. Since that time over 18,000 churches in over 650 cities in over 30 countries around the world have taken a knee to stand for life. In cases that can be documented (who knows what all has happened that is not documented!), over 11,500 lives have been saved from abortion, over 130 abortion workers have renounced their jobs, and over 70 abortion facilities have closed.
            As Jesus taught in the parable of the unjust judge, persistent prayer is productive. Take a stand for life; join in the 40 Days for Life campaign.

How Do I Get Into the Church?

            A common question that has arisen recently is “How do I get into the church?” Sometimes it is asked by folk wanting to drop off some Rummage Sale items. At other times it is asked by a Sunday School teacher wanting to drop by to work on things in the evening. Or, it’s been asked by someone wanting to put something in some church mail boxes.
            With our move to the new building, more of our doors are locked more of the time. That’s just the way it has to be. During normal business hours, Monday through Friday, you can be certain the main entrance will be open from 9 to 5. The other entrances will remain locked unless there is a scheduled event or special activity taking place.
            If you need to come during the day to drop off Rummage Sale material or whatever, and would prefer to use an entrance other than the main entrance, here’s what you should do: stop first at the office (or, call ahead and arrange) and pick up a key fob from the friendly and helpful ladies in the office that will allow you to open that door. You return the key fob when you’re done. And that’s that. Easy-peasy!
            What if you want access during the evening when no one is in the office? First, call the office and see if any events are taking place that evening that would have the main doors unlocked. If so, then no sweat. If such is not the case, then when you call the office folk will arrange for you to pick up a key fob ahead of time for your use that evening. Simply return the key fob the next day.
            If you want to get into the church, we want you to get into the church! Give us a call in the office and we’ll make certain it happens. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Help Leidy’s Church Help Some Vets!

            The Church & Community Committee is coordinating a food and supplies drive during the month of October to the benefit of “Vets for Vets”, an organization in Pennsburg that provides housing and vocational opportunities for vets returning from active duty overseas. On the five Sundays in October, a table in the Narthex will be the collection point for desperately needed non-perishables. Those items specifically requested are:
            Tuna Fish         Soup                       Spaghetti          Spaghetti Sauce
            Black Beans      Pinto Beans         Baked Beans     Peanuts/Almonds
            Beef Jerky        Peanut Butter      Jelly                     Ramen Noodles
            Cereal               Oatmeal                 pices                    Fruits/Vegetables
            The Committee will be delivering these goods, along with some frozen foods it will be purchasing, in early November.  Let’s help out those who have served us faithfully in harm’s way.

Christian Ed News

Volunteer Training
            There will be a training meeting for those who volunteer in the Guppies and Children’s Church.
            Who:    For existing and new volunteers
            When:  Tuesday, October 11th  at 7:00 p.m. or Saturday, October 15th at 10:00 a.m.
            Where: Christian Education Welcome Desk
Background Checks
            If you are still in need of a background check please go to http://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp  for a PA Criminal Record Check. For the PA Child Abuse History Clearance go to https:www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS. If you need detailed instructions on how to complete them, please contact the church office.
Sunday School
            There are Sunday School classes for all ages. Join us every week from 8:45-9:45 to grow and know the Lord Jesus better!! Sunday School will meet as usual during Judgement House.
Within the Fellowship
            Our sincere Christian sympathy to Carol Mininger and family at the death of her husband, David, to Bill Parfitt and family at the death of his father, and Mim Weigner and family at the death of her brother. May God be with them at this time.
            Congratulations to Nathan and Bekah Kulp at the birth of a daughter, Anna Faith. May God be with them as they grow in Him.
            Congratulations to Stephen and Katie (Frueh) Lantz who were united in Christian marriage. May God be with them as they begin their life together in Him.

Consistory Notes

            After a long summer’s break the Consistory of Leidy’s Church met for the first time in the Conference Room of the new church building. This happened on Wednesday, the 7th of September, 2016. Here are some highlights of that meeting:
  • Devotional thought were shared by Ed Schmidt on the topic of fear. Using examples as diverse as Peter and Elijah, Ed challenged the men on why they fear what they fear. It’s when we’re not in control, when adverse situations rise up, then we fear and try to take control. Ed’s exhortation was to call on the Lord and seek His deliverance. He closed by reading Ps. 107:23-30 which speaks of God’s deliverance to the man who cries to Him.
  • Dana Gehman indicated we are now paying utilities and upkeep for both facilities, so we’ll need to keep a sharp eye on finances. Additionally, there is new staff salary to be figured in. Dana noted that our mortgage was set at $1.7 million in May. At this point we have reduced it to $1.6 million.
  • The Building Project is basically complete. Greg Nase and the Property Committee have arranged with a landscaper to do the planter beds at the canopy and main entrance. Work to be completed prior to Dedication Service. A couple of items still need to be completed for full compliance with the ADA inspector’s report. He will be back to check on them soon.
  • Fobs to unlock the exterior doors were given to each Consistoryman. Others will be available to Committee heads who may need them. Ordinarily, the only open door during the week will be the main entrance. Fobs may be given on a temporary basis for those who need them, for example, to bring in rummage donations.
  • The Options Committee reported on their work with a coalition of ministries seeking to lease part of the 276 facility. A motion was approved to lease portions of that facility to God’s Treasure House (the halfway home for women located just across Cherry Lane from the 273 facility) who will sub-lease parts to God’s House of Promise, Love Cradle, Household of Faith and Deliverance Worship Center, and God’s Quest. Kelly Wilwert of God’s House of Promise will be the facility coordinator. The lease is to begin on Oct. 1, 2016 and is for one year, initially.
  • Lots of preparations are underway for the Dedication/Open House on the 18th of Sept. It was noted the great job being done by the Hospitality folk. Ushers are adjusting to new procedures, and plans are in place to train Elders for serving the Lord’s Supper.
  • Contracts for fuel oil and for snow plowing have been signed. It was noted with deep gratitude that G. Nase and Son had filled our fuel tanks gratis at the end of the season/beginning of summer, a gift of some 1,400 gallons of fuel.
  • Francis Weiss from the Kitchen Committee reported the Montgomery County Board of Health has inspected the new kitchen and given it the necessary license to function.
  • Special Services Committee will begin planning on how to decorate the new facility for the various seasons of the year, with Christmas being first on the list.
            Various other reports from Committees and business items were received and addressed as necessary. Following a time of directed intercessory prayer, the meeting closed with the unison praying of the Lord’s Prayer at 10:29.

The Westminster Larger Catechism

            In considering what are the duties Scripture identifies as being required of man, the Ten Commandments must be inquired of thoroughly. The Larger Catechism does so in questions 100 through 148. This month we look at the preface and the first commandment.
What the Scriptures Principally Require as the Duty of Man
            Question 100: What special things are we to consider in the ten commandments?
            Answer: We are to consider in the ten commandments, the preface, the substance of the commandments themselves, and several reason annexed to some of them, the more to enforce them.
            Question 101: What is the preface to the ten commandments?
            Answer: The preface to the ten commandments is contained in these words: “I am the Lord your God, which have brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” Wherein God  manifests his sovereignty, as being JEHOVAH, the eternal, immutable, and almighty God; having his being in and of himself, and giving  being to all his words and works; and that he is a God in covenant, as with Israel of old, so with all his people who, as he brought them out of their bondage in Egypt, so he delivers us from our spiritual thralldom; and that therefore we are bound to take him for our God alone, and to keep all his commandments.
            Question 102: What is the sum of the four commandments which contain our duty to God?
            Answer: The sum of the four commandments containing our duty to God is, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our strength, and with all our mind.
            Question 103: Which is the first commandment?
            Answer: The first commandment is, You shall have no other gods before me.
            Question 104: What are the duties required in the first commandment?
            Answer: The duties required in the first commandment are, the knowing and acknowledging of God to be the only true God, and our God; and to worship and glorify him accordingly, by thinking, meditating, remembering, highly esteeming, honoring, adoring, choosing, loving, desiring, fearing of him; believing him; trusting, hoping, delighting, rejoicing in him; being zealous for him; calling upon him, giving all praise and thanks, and yielding all obedience and submission to him with the whole man, being careful in all things to please him, and sorrowful when in any thing he is offended; and walking humbly with him.
            Question 105: What are the sins forbidden in the first commandment?
            Answer: The sins forbidden in the first commandment are, atheism, in denying or not having a God; idolatry, in having or worshiping more gods than one, or any with or instead of the true God; the not having and avouching him for God, and our God; the omission or neglect of any thing due to him, required in this commandment; ignorance, forgetfulness, misapprehensions, false opinions, unworthy and wicked thoughts of him, bold and curious searching into his secrets; all profaneness, hatred of God; self-love, self-seeking, and all other inordinate and immoderate setting of our mind, will, or affections upon other things, and taking them off from him in whole or in part; vain credulity, unbelief, heresy, misbelief, distrust, despair, incorrigibleness, and insensibleness under judgments, hardness of heart, pride, presumption, carnal security, tempting of God; using unlawful means, and trusting in lawful means; carnal delights and joys; corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal; lukewarmness, and deadness in the things of God; estranging ourselves, and apostatizing from God; praying or giving any religious worship to saints, angels, or any other creatures; all compacts and consulting with the devil, and hearkening to his suggestions; making men the lords of our faith and conscience; slighting and despising God and his commands; resisting and grieving of his Spirit, discontent and impatience at his dispensations, charging him foolishly for the evils he inflicts on us; and ascribing the praise of any good we either are, have or can do, to fortune, idols, ourselves, or any other creature.
            Question 106: What are we specially taught by these words [before me] in the first commandment?
            Answer: These words [before me] or before my face, in the first commandment, teach us, that God, who sees all things, takes special notice of, and is much displeased with, the sin of having any other God: that so it may be an argument to dissuade from it, and to aggravate it as a most impudent provocation: as also to persuade us to do as in his sight, whatever we do in his service.

October Ministries

Lay Visitors:
2nd      Denise Kulp
9th       Roger Jones
16th     Julia Kulp
23rd     Mark & Sharon Kostishion
30th     Pat Martindell
Tape Ministry:
2nd      Deb Guerreiro
9th       Helen Hahn
16th     Beth Harbon
23rd     Dorothy Kehs
30th     Shannon Kehs
2nd      Delton & Laurie Plank
9th       Doug & Karen Potts
16th     Les & Bonnie Pross
23rd     Brian & Wendy Radcliff
30th     Stan & Joan Radcliff
Usher Captains: Rich Kapusta & Dave Reich
Ushers: Landon Shoemaker, Doug Potts, Brett Fretz, Peter Martindell, Tom Feverston, Matt Connor, Steve Landis, Ted Brunner, Tony Kapusta, & Randy Godshall.
The Emergency Committee for October is Brian Shoemaker & Melinda Ziegler.