September Newsletter

Pastor’s Column

HALLELUJAH! PRAISE BE TO GOD! Did you notice where you received this Newsletter? In your church mailbox, but the one in the new church! [Unless, of course, you’re Janet Rowe or another of those folk who get this Newsletter via the US Mail.] Beginning with the first Sunday of August we have been worshipping in the new church. This column is being written in my office at the old church, but by the time you read this column my computer will be in my office in the new church.

What officially began with the Ground Breaking service on April 27, 2014, will be officially concluded on September 18, 2016, at the Dedication service. Do you remember the brisk and windy day when we stood in the corn field at the corner of Mifflin Street and Cherry Lane? We said it would be a cornfield no more, but a new church would grow on the top of that hill.

For over two years we’ve watched the transformation of the cornfield into a house of worship. We thought we’d never hear the end of all the big equipment doing the beep, beep, beep of backing up, nor have the mounds of dirt and clouds of dust disappear into roadways and parking lots and retention ponds. At the very end we thought we were in an unending process trying to get the state to grant us approval for an occupancy permit.

During this time we’ve had ample occasions to practice patience, forgiveness, kindness, love, and prayer. We’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, and there’s more than one thing that we would do differently now with the benefit of hindsight. But in the gracious providence of God we’ve come through it all intact and full of anticipation for what He has in store for us.

One of the most memorable events of my life will always be the first service of worship in our new church when we began the service of worship by singing the doxology without any musical accompaniment, just directing to God our praise and thanksgiving and adoration for His goodness and provision for us. It is from Him that all blessings flow.

I thank God for all the folk of Leidy’s Church (and beyond) who have labored diligently, contributed generously, endured meetings, given voice to opinions good and bad, served on Committees, prayed, and hung in through it all. May the Lord Jesus bless you, each one!

Now, let’s get down to the tasks of ministry for which God has prepared and provided for us. This is the end of the preparation for the beginning of ministry in our new facility. May God bless us as we go forward.


In the Joy of the Lord,

John H.C. Niederhaus

September Pulpit Schedule

4th – A Faith Wanderer – Hebrews 1 s.v.; 1 John 2:12-24; 1 Timothy 6:3-21

There are phrases in the English language that can be interpreted either positively or negatively when presented without a context. An example of this is found in the title of the sermon today: A Faith Wanderer. Construed positively, such a person may be journeying through life trusting in the Lord. Negatively interpreted, it may point to one journeying through life no longer trusting the Lord. Today we will identify some pitfalls that lead people from trust to no trust. We must learn how to navigate around such pitfalls and stay in the faithful way.

11th – Fired Up! – Proverbs 26:20; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Acts 21:27-29

It’s Rally Day! This is a day to get all fired up for a new season of active ministry. The Apostle Paul knew all about folk getting fired up. He did a fair amount of firing up folk himself. In fact, that’s the charge that others are going to bring against him in today’s text. They get fired up because of the way Paul has been getting others fired up. We’ll see that one can be fired up for all the wrong reasons as well as all the right reasons. There are varieties of ways to fire up others. It can run from a whispered word to shouted exhortations. You know when it happens.

18th – Government Intervention – Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-17; Acts 21:30-39

Ronald Reagan made the famous quip that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government; I’m here to help you.” His witty one-liner is understood and appreciated in many languages besides English as well! The Apostle Paul on occasion would experience just the opposite. He was glad someone from the government came and helped him. Both Paul and Peter taught that government was an instrument of God. Both counseled respect and submission to it. Yet both their lives were ended by governmental execution as subversives.

25th – Extreme Prejudice – Mark 7:14-23; 1 Timothy 1:8-17; Acts 21:40 – 22:22

It’s virtually impossible to find a society without prejudices. We are prone to “pre-judge” others without due consideration for all the factors involved. Extreme prejudice is reflected when one is not deemed worthy of living. In today’s society one of the worst attributes to be ascribed to someone is that they are prejudiced. Sometimes folk cannot see that they are prejudiced. It’s like they have blinders on their eyes. The Apostle Paul was one who knew much about extreme prejudice, from both sides of the term. Jesus tells us from whence prejudice comes.

Adult Sunday School

     Sunday School Offerings

Wondering what your options are for adult Sunday School this fall. Here’s a very brief list of options:

  • Focused Bible Study led by Pastor Steve Myers
  • Women’s Class led by Lorraine Kroesser & Sue Landis
  • Joy & Glory Class led by Jeremiah Rizzo
  • Issues & Answers Class led by Dave Reich & Matt Harris
  • Praying with Paul elective led by Dave Walbrandt
  • Inquirer’s Class led by Ron Moyer

We’ve not yet gotten to the place where our rooms in the new church are numbered and/or named. Please be patient. Check at the Welcome Center or with the Hospitality person who greets you at the door and they will be able to give you good directions.

      Praying with Paul

A new adult SS elective will begin on Sunday, October 2nd. It will be an eight week course led by Dave Walbrandt. Titled Praying with Paul, it features an 8 to 12 minute video segment each week followed by discussion.

Put out by the Gospel Coalition and Lifeway, the course is a call to spiritual reformation. Often our prayers can be bland and superficial and rote. The course sets out a God-guided approach to prayer using the prayers of Paul that we find in his letters. Based on a book by D.A. Carson, speakers on the videos are Carson, prof at Trinity Seminary, as well as Brian Tabb the academic dean at Bethlehem College and Seminary.

We don’t know which room this class will meet in, but we have a month to get that sorted out! Thanks for your patience.

Dedication Service & Open House

A foundational event in the life of Leidy’s Church takes place on September 18th. At 2 o’clock that afternoon we will officially dedicate the new church facility. We want to do it right, that is, recognize this as a blessed and holy occasion in the life of our congregation, so we’re going to get all dressed up!

The Dedication Committee has been working hard for almost a year to get things in order. It will be a solemnly joyful occasion. We want to sing with all our hearts to the Lord in thanksgiving for His provision for us. We want to hear from Him through the words of those chosen to deliver specific charges to the congregation. We want to pray and formally dedicate the building and all that takes place in it to God’s purposes and His glory through the faithful proclamation of the gospel by word and deed. We want to honor Him above all.

An Open House will follow, complete with tours, refreshments, and fellowship. Printed invitations are available for you to give to others to invite them to this special day in the life of Leidy’s Church.

From the Youth Pastor

The Genuine Article

I can’t trick my kids with Monopoly money anymore! Nope, they can spot the difference and are now demanding the real thing. (There goes my pocket money strategy out the window.) Just like my children, nobody wants to be fooled by a fake. No, we want what’s called the genuine article. This is inherent in our lives. When people are fake in their dealings with us we naturally cry foul. We desire to be treated rightly and truthfully. But it’s not just God’s created people that despise fakers, this is particularly true for God Himself! In the gospel accounts Jesus often had hard words of rebuke for the hypocrisy He saw in the Pharisees. Something deep within us wants honesty, fairness, and truth; and so does God. He desires truth in the innermost parts (Psalm 51:6). He wants the real deal. He wants us to be the genuine article, but often the currency of our lives is more like Monopoly money!

This fake money illustration is more accurately depicted as the fake persona we can put on our lives to mask who we really are. In the social media age the temptation is to present the self we want to be, rather than who we actually are! As they say nowadays, “the struggle is real”, and apparently so when it comes to many of us being fake. During their turbulent years of development, teenagers face this as a heightened and fierce battle more than anyone else. Christian researcher Walt Mueller describes this time of adolescence as the phase when a child becomes “an adult trying to happen”. I think it’s hard enough for young people in this phase of life, but today’s teenagers face immense pressure to become a fake cultural stereotype, one that is perpetuated by phones, music, fashion, and entertainment. Being a teenager in today’s world isn’t about a successful transition to adulthood (as it was in the past), but it’s about a seduction of a cultural stereotype, that is, an entitled self that has adult rights and privileges before adulthood. But it’s a false adulthood. Many a young person today is deceived into embracing a “false” perception of self which is really just a script that others have conjured up for them which they are oblivious to.

Enough of the phony baloney! Do you want to be the genuine article? It’s REALLY simple, you just need truth to be truth! Or, another way to say it, is that you need to know the truth to live the truth! Remember, they still say that the best way to spot counterfeit money is to become very familiar with the real thing. As we get to know truth we become better at seeing what is fake. This ability to “spot a fake” is because we are becoming familiar with truth (the Bible) and applying principles which then helps us to live as genuine people for God. C.B. Martin says a genuine person is someone who “… accepts who they are, understands himself or herself, lives with purpose, and knows he can’t make it on his own”. Do you want to be the  genuine article?

This fall on Sunday nights our young people will be presented with a series of devotions titled, “Genuine” – becoming a real teenager. Together with “truth seeking” adults, the goal  is to help these teens live as real and honest people before themselves, others, and God. The series will share some basic Bible principles which can help someone in their teenage years to use wisdom to be a success and not a failure. As we look at the Scriptures we will see genuine teenagers and learn from their successes and failures in seeking to be a genuine teenager. These biblical case studies will assist our quest to cultivate genuine teenagers (and adults).

Pray that the Lord would help us all in being the genuine article!


In Christ,

Andrew Edmonds

Children’s Christian Ed

Calling all children from 6 years to preteen to join our Route 66 Crew. From 1st Grade to 7th Grade the children of Leidy’s Church will travel through the 66 books of the Bible beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation. Prayerfully, as they do this journey, God’s story of redemption will come to life in all of their lives.

Little ones have Big questions. In our newest curriculum “Big Questions & Answers for Little People About God” the littlest members of our church community will begin to understand who God is and how wonderful, great and mighty He is. Prayerfully they will begin a lifetime of worship toward the One True God of heaven and earth.

Everyone is invited to help us kickoff a brand new Sunday School year in our brand new facility with our Rally Day Celebration on September 11th!

We are so excited about our new nursery structure:

² Guppies – Infant to 17 months (available during Sunday School & Worship Service)

² Lambs – 18 months to 35 months (available during Sunday School & Worship Service)

² Lions – Children’s Church 3-5 years (only during Worship Service)

If you can assist with childcare please contact Justine Smith.

If you are looking to serve the Lord and see Him work in the lives of young people, we have some opportunities for you. We still need some teachers. If you can help, please contact Sherise at 215-915-0796 or email her at

Inquirer’s Class to Begin

A new Inquirer’s Class is set to begin October 2nd. It will meet for six consecutive weeks during the Sunday School hour. The class is designed to provide a broad overview of Leidy’s Church. Each session is led by different church members and staff members who speak about the specific areas of their expertise. Sessions will highlight programs of Leidy’s Church, the history of the church, how the church is structured/organized, some of the distinctive beliefs of the congregation, and other points of interest.

Individuals who sign up for this six week elective are not necessarily asking to join the church, but it is a class that is required of all who do join the church. If you or someone you know would like to be part of the class, please call the church office to register or speak with Pastor Niederhaus. The class will meet in the Conference Room.

Connecting with Kenya

Recently Chariots for Hope was at Leidy’s Church. Only a part of our missions budget for about a year, we’re still getting acquainted with Chariots and them with us. Chariots ministry deals exclusively with the orphanages they oversee in Kenya.

They would like for Leidy’s Church to be particularly connected to one of those orphanages: Mahiga. Mahiga orphanage currently has 102 children and nine staff members. Of the children, 61 are in primary school, 30 in secondary school, and 11 in post-secondary school. The schools the children attend are not a part of the orphanage, but are local schools near the orphanage. It has happened for the past several years that a student from Mahiga had the highest grades in the school.

Located northwest of Nairobi in the foothills of Mount Kenya, Mahiga has a definite rural atmosphere rather than urban. There are some dairy cows and some chickens and other animals the children care for on Mahiga’s campus. Children and staff also grow vegetables in several small gardens.

During the coming months and years we hope to work more closely with Chariots and the Mahiga orphanage. Perhaps we can take a short-term mission team over sometime!

Individual child sponsorships are available for the kids at Mahiga. Currently there are 35 children still in need of sponsorships. $45 per month ensures a student will have 24/7 nurturing care, three meals each day, a safe place to sleep, primary education, clothing and school supplies, medical attention, social and emotional care, and spiritual guidance. Check out the website for more details at

If you’d like to pray for Mahiga here are some things to put on your list:

  • Solomon, age 15, who is currently undergoing radiation treatments for a brain tumor.
  • Staff of Mahiga to have strength, wisdom, and patience with the kids
  • Provisions for a second boys’ dormitory, a pressing need

Financial Peace University Class

Beginning Thursday evening, September 22nd, Leidy’s Church will host the nine week course Financial Peace University [FPU]. This course features the popular Christian financial counselor Dave Ramsey. Starting time each Thursday is 6:30 pm. Child care is available, so let us know if you will make use of it. Some light snacks should make their appearance each evening as well.

Statistics show that approximately 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That’s regardless of their income! This means that “broke” has become the new normal in our nation. At the end of the month many individuals simply have nothing left because of debts and expenses. If this describes you, you’re not alone, and this is a course you need to take.

Through FPU you will find how to develop a practical plan to help you discover God’s way of handling money. The purpose is to get us on a budget, out of debt, saving for the future, and taking control of our finances. According to tens of thousands of previous students, FPU delivers on those goals.

Our Coordinators for FPU are Matt and Kate Harris who have already been through the course. You may register by calling the church office or by going on-line to:

Women’s Ministry

Moms Bible Study

If you are a mom of young (or young-ish) children, please join us on the first and third Tuesday of every month, starting September 6, from 9:30 to 11:00 am. The first Tuesday of the month will be a Bible study let by Patricia Niederhaus. The third Tuesday of each month will be a time of fellowship for the moms. For 2016-2017, we will be focusing on the book of Proverbs, which touches on every area of human life with God’s wisdom. Rather than going through the book chapter by chapter, we’ll be looking at themes like this:

  • How to get wisdom
  • Words – rash words vs. healing words
  • Relationships with neighbors and friends
  • The family – marriage, sexuality, children, and discipline
  • What is prosperity?
  • The state of the heart
  • Planning for the future

We will be meeting in Room 111 (at the end of the hall past the gymnasium windows). Childcare is provided. If you have any questions, please contact Tara DiLenge, Kate Harris, or call the church office.

Ladies of Leidy’s

            After breaking for the summer, we resume our monthly meetings. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 6th at 7 p.m. in the Conference Room. With the fall brings new ministry opportunities, such as the October Rummage Sale! Please join us . . . we welcome ladies of all ages!

Thursday Precept Study

Come join the ladies as they resume a Precept study in the Book of Isaiah beginning Thursday, September 8th, at 9 am in the Women’s Sunday School/Precept class (Room 118 on the Christian Ed floor). They will finish up Part 2 of Isaiah through the months of September and October, and in November will begin a series on the Sermon on the Mount.

If you have not been a part of this class before, don’t hesitate to join them. Wherever you are in your study of Isaiah you will be blessed! The class runs until 11:30 and is taught by Marci Stunkard. If you wish to attend or have questions, contact Verna at 215-237-1370.

Ladies Fall Monday Night Bible Study

The Seven Churches of Revelation by David Jeremiah. The number seven is mentioned 54 times in the book of Revelation, and in this study we will take a look at each one of them. You will understand the symbols and sevens in the book of Revelation as never before! This nine lesson teaching begins on Monday,  September 19th. It starts at 6:45 and will meet in Room 118. If you would like to order the workbook or have questions, please speak with Sandy Nase (215-669-1421).

Nine Eleven Service

Sunday, September 11th, marks the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took down the twin towers in NYC and claimed thousands of innocent lives. A Public Service of Remembrance and Worship will take place that evening in the Souderton Borough Park. It begins at 6 pm and will last about an hour.

Music will be provided by the First Baptist Church of Perkasie, while the speaker will be Pastor John Muhlfeld from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harleysville. Hymns will be sung and prayers offered to God by those gathered for the occasion.

Sponsored by BMCE and the Souderton American Legion Post, the service will remember those whose lives were taken by terrorist and also honor the First Responders in the Bucks-Mont area. Those who come may bring toiletries and snacks that will be collected by the Legion Ladies Auxiliary and sent to troops serving overseas.

As is always appropriate when at an event held at the band shell, you may bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on if you prefer not to stand the entire time.

Forty Days for Life

It was one year ago this past July that Planned Parenthood’s selling of tissues and organs from aborted babies was exposed. While it created a furor for awhile, as a whole it is old news and not part of the current news cycle. That’s to our national shame.

Planned Parenthood reacted to that exposure in an aggressive manner. They changed tactics by making some significant language changes. No longer are they marketing themselves as “pro-choice.” Earlier they spoke of abortion being “safe, legal, and rare”. That’s gone. Now, the preferred language is “promoting women’s health” and “protecting female reproductive rights.” Now, the emphasis is on abortion not being restricted in any way, whether by denial of tax funding (think of the Hyde Amendment) or by hygienic regulations otherwise requisite for any medical facility performing surgeries (think Kermit Gosnell).

The Church labors on, not with sword and shield, but with intercessory prayer. Sept. 28th marks the start of the 2016 Forty Days for Life. It continues through Nov. 6th. During that time over 4,700 churches in 25 different countries will be praying for life and for an end to abortion. Peaceful prayer vigils are held each day outside facilities where abortions are done.

In the Bucks-Mont area the Planned Parenthood facility in Warminster does abortions and that’s where folk will gather for prayer each day from Sept.28th through Nov. 6th. Leidy’s Church is scheduled to pray on Monday, October 24th, but you can go any day during the 40 Days for Life and join others in prayer. Please call the church office to indicate when you will pray on the 24th.

The prayers begin at 7 in the morning and go until 7 in the evening. The site is at 610 Louis Drive which is just off Street Road, just below the Warminster Diner. May the Lord Jesus give us grace to be part of this 40 day prayer initiative.

Business & Professional Breakfast

On the morning of September 22nd, another BMCE Business and Professional Breakfast takes place at the Franconia Heritage banquet facility. On that Thursday morning the breakfast begins at 6:30, just in time to see a beautiful sunrise. Attendees will be on their way by 8 o’clock.

Special speaker for the breakfast is Paul Baur, the founder of Impact Thrift Stores. For 17 years he worked in California and then Virginia for . . . you won’t expect this . . . the Tastykake Company. He’s always been hardworking and energetic, so after arriving home from his 1 am start-time Tastykake route he began a landscaping business. During his devotional times Paul earnestly sought God, asking how he could do a ministry helping others as well as earning a living for his family. The Lord led him to found Impact Thrift Stores and the rest is history. Today Impact has five stores, 250 employees, a payroll of over $5 million, and has donated over $2 million to local charities. Paul will talk about how praying through God’s Word has been his guiding light over the past 30 years.

Tickets for the breakfast may be purchased via Leidy’s Church for $10. You may contact the church office or talk with either Jack Parry or Pastor Niederhaus to get your tickets. The breakfast will be a hearty, hot breakfast served family-style.

These breakfasts are designed so Christians can invite non-Christian or unchurched family members, colleagues, neighbors, and friends to a good meal with an inspiring and informative testimony. Order some tickets and then set about bringing some folk with you on the 22nd.

International Food Festival

In what has become an annual tradition, St. Philip Orthodox Church is hosting an International Food Festival on the third Friday and Saturday of September. That would be the 16th and 17th this year.

On each of those days from 12 noon to 8 pm you may drop by the St. Philip site and enjoy fare from Greece, Romania, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Russia, Eritrea, and other exotic places. Everything is reasonably priced and all is prepared by members of St. Philip who come from those countries; hence the food is authentically authentic!

There are children’s activities, church tours (an Orthodox sanctuary is completely different from any Protestant or Catholic sanctuary), live music, a gift bazaar, and friendly fellowship with other aficionados of foreign fare. St. Philip Church is located at 1970 Clearview Road in Souderton.

How About a Transition to an ILC Growth Group?

Transitions are part of life! They can be traumatic or helpful; they can be both! Consider things like a new job, getting married, or heading off to college. Being part of a Small Group inevitably involves transition. Leidy’s Church calls her small group ministry ILC Growth Groups.

All of our growth groups are transitioning back to normal schedules during the month of September. Many meet twice a month. Some groups meet on a weekday night, while others meet on a weekend. Some rotate their meeting place, while others meet at the same host home. Some group leaders are already contacting members of Leidy’s Church about attending this fall, while others are waiting for new people to attend.

How about you? ILC Growth Groups are preparing to receive new members to join them this fall. Some groups are starting with new materials, new venues, even new meeting times and dates. So if you would like to participate in the ILC Growth Group ministry, now is the time to contact the church office or Pastor Steve. We will help direct you to a growth group that best fits you and your schedule.

Pattern of Prayer

On August 6th a 12 hour prayer vigil was held prior to the first service of worship in our new building. It was a good time and prompted some to ask/suggest that more such times be arranged. We concur!

The Pattern of Prayer we’ll start out with is the first Saturday of each month. The time will be from 8 am till noon. You may come for as long or short a period of time as your schedule allows. We’re not 100% certain, but it looks as though the designated prayer room will be room 117 on the educational level.

Our Pattern for Prayer will begin on September 3rd at 8 am. Please feel encouraged and welcomed to come out and pray. For more information, or if you have any questions or feedback, please see Patricia Martindell.

Hear Ye! Hear This!

On Sunday evening, the 25th of September, we will host an inaugural concert for our new organ. Monte Maxwell, Organist and Music Director at the United States Naval Academy, will be the featured organist. Mr. Maxwell has earned degrees in organ from Texas Christian University, the Curtis Institute of Music, and the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. While studying in Philly, he was an Associate Organist at the John Wanamaker Store, playing the famed six-manual organ, the largest playing organ in the world. He is an avid roller coaster enthusiast in his free time, i.e. he knows how to go high and low and around curves!

The concert will begin at 7 pm. There will be no admission charge. Each of us is encouraged to attend and to invite others as well. Mr. Maxwell plans to present an exciting and diverse program of classical, Broadway, and contemporary music that will demonstrate the colossal scope of sounds included in the range of our splendid new instrument.


This coming academic year, Immanuel Leidy’s Church will be partnering with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) to introduce their iBlast program as the new Wednesday night children’s program in place of Kids Club.  iBlast offers seventeen weeks of fun & fellowship to teach elementary age students Biblical truths and help them strengthen their knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ.


2016 iBlast Dates: October 12 through December 7, but no meeting on Nov. 23.

2016 Family Christmas Celebration takes place on December 14.

2017 iBlast Dates: January 11 through March 1.


5:00-5:30 – A family dinner will be served for those participating in and helping with iBlast. The dining area will remain open for families until iBlast registration opens at 5:50 p.m.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for this dinner.

5:30-6:00 – Grace Notes Kids Choir practice will take place for all children Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Children planning to participate in choir should arrive early for dinner so they are prepared to go to the choir room at 5:25.

5:50–6:10 – Registration opens and children are welcomed by their iBlast Mentors in their assigned homerooms.  All children must be signed in by a parent or guardian.

6:10-6:30 – All children gather together in Fellowship Hall for the large group meeting which will be emceed by Leidy’s Church Youth Pastor Andrew Edmonds.

6:30-7:30 – Children rotate through three activities with their mentors: craft or games (alternating each week), Bible story, and breakout sessions (Mentor’s one-on-one time with their group).

7:30 – Children return to their homeroom for pick-up by their designated parent or guardian.

What is Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)?  CEF is a Bible-centered organization whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls, establish them in the Word of God, and ensure that they are involved in a local church where they can continue their Christian walk.  One of the ways that CEF achieves this goal is by partnering with local churches to offer outreach programs like iBlast. You can read more about CEF at

Who is eligible to attend iBlast? All children in Kindergarten through 6th grade.  This includes the children of Leidy’s Church members, their friends, and members of the community.

Judgement House 2016

2016 is a Judgement House year at Leidy’s Church – yes, in the new Leidy’s Church facility. Deadly Encounter is the title of the dramatization. It is a dramatic scene-by-scene portrayal of real-life type events. The same individuals are followed in successive scenes as attendees see how each one deals with conflict, temptation, tragedy, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Guess what?! We need lots and lots of volunteers to do all that Judgement House entails. Among the jobs we need filled are these: actors and actresses, security personnel, folk to do the set construction, those who can do costumes, counselors, people to work in the kitchen, guides for the groups going through, and more. To find out all the opportunities, check out the Judgement House table in the narthex. You’ll find Interest Forms for your use. We need you! We need young and old, grumpy and happy, tall and short, talkative and silent, skilled and unskilled. We need you!

There will be Script Preview on Sunday, September 11th from 4:30 to 5:30 in the Youth Room. That’s where you can decide which role you would like to portray or which slot you can fill. Practices will begin on September 25. Deadly Encounter will be presented six times during the last two weeks of October.

Judgement House is instructive and valuable for everyone. It is particularly designed, however, to set forth the necessity of Christian faith for those who doubt the truth of the gospel or have never heard it presented in a clear, straightforward manner. There will be plenty of publicity out about it, but remember the best publicity is your recommendation/invitation to those whom you know. This year, for the first time, Judgement House will be handicapped accessible.

One thing we can all do regardless of skill level is pray for Judgement House. Ask God to work His wonderful grace into many lives through this presentation. We need the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all our volunteers and all the folk who go through. It is instructive and valuable for all, and for some it will be eternally significant.

When life throws you a curve ball, what is your natural response? Do you always count on having time to do something later? This year at Judgement House, we meet three families. Each thinks their lives are under control. Persons from each of the three families will be at a local restaurant, some celebrating a birthday, another is on a date, while the third family has a member serving tables. The tables are turned, however, when a “Deadly Encounter” comes when it is least expected for everyone involved. Life events happen, unplanned sometimes, and you may not have tomorrow to ask the questions that are burning inside of you today.

Please be aware that anyone age 18 or older planning to be involved in security, acting, counseling, being a guide, serving in the kitchen, babysitting, make-up, registration, costumes, or any capacity at practices will have contact with youth from our church and from the community and therefore must complete the new background check process. Please contact the church office for the written directions on completing this easy process to get clearances that last five years

 Westminster Larger Catechism

We’re in the second part of the Catechism, the part that deals with the duties of humans to God. At the outset, the Catechism presents a good set of rules for how to understand the commands and promises of God. These are sound interpretive rules for faithful application.

What the Scriptures Principally Require as the Duty of Man

Question 98: Where is the moral law summarily comprehended?

            Answer: The moral law is summarily comprehended in the ten commandments, which were delivered by the voice of God upon Mount Sinai, and written by Him in two tables of stone; and are recorded in the twentieth chapter of Exodus. The four first commandments containing our duty to God, and the other six our duty to man.

Question 99: What rules are to be observed for the right understanding of the ten commandments?

Answer: For the right understanding of the ten commandments, these rules are to be observed:

  1. That the law is perfect, and binds every one to full conformity in the whole man to the righteousness thereof, and to entire obedience for ever; so as to require the utmost perfection of every duty, and to forbid the least degree of sin.
  2. That it is spiritual, and so reaches the understanding, will, affections, and all other powers of the soul; as well as words, works, and gestures.
  3. That one and the same thing, in divers respects, is required or forbidden in several commandments.
  4. That as, where a duty is commanded, the contrary sin is forbidden; and, where a sin is forbidden, the contrary duty is commanded: so where a promise is annexed, the contrary threatening is included; and, where a threatening is annexed, the contrary promise is included.
  5. That what God forbids, is at no time to be done; what He commands, is always our duty; and yet every particular duty is not to be done at all times.
  6. That under one sin or duty, all of the same kind are forbidden or commanded; together with all the causes, means, occasions, and appearances thereof, and provocations thereunto.
  7. That what is forbidden or commanded to ourselves, we are bound, according to our places, to endeavor that it may be avoided or performed by others, according to the duty of their places.
  8. That in what is commanded to others, we are bound, according to our places and callings, to be helpful to them; and to take heed of partaking with others in what is forbidden them.

Holiday Bazaar

Christmas is coming…sooner than you think!  Although our Holiday Bazaar took a break last year, we would like to see if we have enough creativity in our midst to revive it again in our brand new facility!  This year we have set aside Saturday, Nov. 19.  If you think you’d like to reserve a table, see Donna Frueh A.S.A.P.  Even in our huge new building, space could be limited…so don’t procrastinate!  Call 215-723-4769 or email for more info.

Service Ministry Opportunity

One of the ways Leidy’s Church has been able to bless others is through our Mission House. For over fifteen years our congregation has offered a home-away-from-home for missionaries. Sometimes families have been on furlough, other times they’ve been on home assignment in the US, and other times they’ve just been back home for a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

Many different families and individuals have been helped through our Mission House. We’ve had folk from England, Turkey, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Florida, Afghanistan, the Seychelles Islands, New Mexico, Hungary, Canada, and Mexico among other places! Each guest family has been extraordinarily grateful for and helped by our hospitality.

We could enhance this ministry greatly with volunteer caretakers for the house. It would involve perhaps ten hours a month and would include tasks such as making sure the house is clean after a family has left, insuring that fresh bedding is in place, seeing that the kitchen is stocked with basic groceries for when a family first arrives, and making minor repairs as well as keeping a list of things the house needs.

If you think God may be calling you as an individual or a couple to this service, please contact the church office.

Within the Fellowship

Our sincere Christian sympathy to Shirley Clemens and family at the death of her husband Ralph, and to Pat Jones and family at the death of her husband, Dick. May God be with them at this time.

Congratulations to Alex and Ally Hager at the birth of a daughter, Navi Mae. May God be with them as they grow in Him.

September Ministries

Lay Visitors:

4th       Ted & Wanda Brunner

11th     Nelda Metzler

18th     Matt & Cathy Connor

25th     John Schilling

Tape Ministry:

4th       Sandy Derr

11th     Vicki Freed

18th     Donna Frueh

25th     Diane Gehman


4th       Ken & Wendy Murphy

11th     Patricia & Ruthie Niederhaus

18th     Bob & Jill Ott

25th     Bob & Janice Peterman

Usher Captains: Scott Rittenhouse & Dave Walbrandt

Ushers: Rod Shoemaker, Glenn Derstine, Dave Mininger, Don Nase, Bob Shafer, Dennis Doran, Steve Walmsley, Rob Shelton, Tony Wilwert, & Brandon Kehs

The Emergency Committee for September is Joe Sciacca and Karli Weiss.