Statement of Faith

These are the truths to which we at Immanuel Leidy’s Church hold:

That there is one God, who has revealed Himself in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the

Holy Spirit.   All are equally divine, all are equally eternal, yet each is distinct in identity and role

within the Godhead.  The one God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – in six days created from nothing

all that exists and continues to exercise sovereignty and dominion over all creation.


This one God became human in the person of Jesus Christ. Mary, a virgin, gave birth to Jesus having

conceived Him through the overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth was

fully human and fully divine; that is, He was subject to all human temptations and fleshly frailties,

but never sinned.  In a manner incomprehensible to us, in the midst of His humanity He remained

God but laid aside His divine prerogatives.


Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of His people by shedding His blood on the cross. On the third day

he was bodily resurrected from the tomb never to die again.  In this way mankind has the only

means by which each person may be reconciled to God.  There is no other way – neither through

good works nor through creeds – by which anyone can be redeemed from sin apart from the shed

blood of Jesus Christ and the resurrection power He imparts to all who receive Him in faith.


Salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit by which individuals come to respond to God’s offer and

receive the gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus in a personal way, whereby they are assured of

their eternal destiny.


Faith is not only a personal experience of salvation in Christ Jesus, but also a transformed life that

reflects the continued working of the Holy Spirit to conform each individual believer to the image of

Christ.  The human will must be yielded to this working of the Holy Spirit so that each person does

good works that show forth the glory of God and are in keeping with His holiness.


The Bible is God’s Word written. It is inspired and as such infallible in all that it teaches with regard

to doctrine and life.  It does not err, but is totally trustworthy and to be believed.


The two sacraments given to the Church by her Lord, Jesus Christ, are baptism and the Lord’s

Supper, also known as Holy Communion.


The Church is the Body of Christ. As such she is one body united to one head.  Her teacher is the

Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit has enlivened and blessed the Church down through the ages with gifts

of the Spirit and fruits of the Spirit.  In our day, and in all days to come, the Holy Spirit shall

continue to work in like manner in the Church.  Yet, there are differences in the Church.  No one

part of the Church is able either to comprehend accurately all of God’s truth or to live out fully all

that God’s truth entails.  Hence, we allow for differences in doctrine and practice so long as in

essentials there is unity.  Two ancient creeds which give expression to the essentials of Christian

faith are the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.


The Church is the bride of Christ and eagerly awaits the anticipated return of Jesus Christ the

bridegroom to judge the world.  All persons shall stand before Christ and enter into fullness of

eternal life or be cast into everlasting darkness apart from Christ.  The Church is to bear witness to

the light of Jesus so that all may have the opportunity of entering into eternal life with Christ.