This year’s 30 Pieces of Silver offering was sent to the Church Without Walls congregation in Egypt. It has been a tough time for members of that congregation over the past several years. Simply for being a Christian there are many doors closed to them vocationally and socially. Encouragement in any form is a blessing to them.

Anees Zaka forwarded to us the following message from them:

            Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. We are thankful for your prayers and generous gifts which we have received. It was shared with our people for food, medical needs, and clothing. As I gave to each one his/her portion of it, I saw their tears and heard their word of thanks for your church which gave, prayed, and cared for them. We are touched by your love. We are staying in our homeland as a light of Jesus in Egypt. We pray for you too.

The message was signed by Elder Nabeel.

As Rev. Zaka skyped with Elder Nabeel he mentioned the commission and benediction used at Leidy’s Church each Sunday. Elder Nabeel asked for a copy (translated into Arabic by Anees) and says they will use it every Sunday also. He wants to remind them that Christians in America are praying for them and care for them as they face death on a daily basis.