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  • Bulletin for May 31, 2015

         THE ORGAN PRELUDE A LITURGY OF PRAISE AND WORSHIP *   HYMNS OF WORSHIP:      #21    Love Divine, All Loves Excelling      #168  Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (verses 1 & 2)      #184  Hark! the herald Angels Sing (verses 2 & 3)      #289  Christ the Lord Is Risen […]


  • Newsletter for June, 2015

     Pastor’s Column             What do you think of when you think of the Judgment of God? I suspect most of us imagine scenarios in which God releases calamity on the earth. When we think of the Judgment of God we think of the earth being shaken, bombs going off, crashing […]

From the Pastor

  • From the Pastor 20150516_102701

    Pat posed an interesting question to me a couple of weeks ago: What distinguishes a civilized society from a barbarian society? The question was prompted as she read a book about Michael Rockefeller, the 23 year old son of Nelson Rockefeller, who disappeared off the coast of Dutch New Guinea […]

From the Youth Pastor

  • From the Youth Pastor Youth Pastor
Andrew Edmonds

    The Fishbowl Perspective               I often say to people: I was born in Australia, live in America, but Heaven is my home. In this statement I’m recognizing the two national cultures that have significantly formed my life. I’m most strongly identifying, however, with the culture and eternal state of Christianity. […]