January 28, 2024


1.    If you are new here and would like to know more about Jesus, Leidy’s Church, and how to get connected, please fill out the Get Connected Card and put it in the Get Connected box on the left-hand side of the doors when you leave the sanctuary.

2.    As you partner with us in the work of the Kingdom, please place your gifts and offerings in the Get Connected pillars.

3.    The Congregational Dinner is being held immediately following the worship service today. A copy of the budget is on the wall in the narthex.

4.    Wanted : Gently Used Bras (including sports, nursing and camisoles) Why bras? There is a strong demand for used clothing in poorer countries. They are easy to store but complex to make, so they don’t compete with local goods. You can help bring freedom to survivors of sex trafficking. There is a box in the coat closet where you may place them.

5.    Thank you from Diane Weber for all the prayers and the cards she received throughout her hospitalization and recuperation. It was much appreciated.

6.    Men’s Bible Study meets this Friday at 5:30am in the Youth Room. Any questions speak with Dave Doran.

7.    Dollar-A-Day Sign-Ups continue. Each person attending Leidy’s Church is encouraged to get a Dollar-A-Day bag and set aside $1 each day during 2024. As you set aside your dollar each day, you can also pray for Pastor Jesús and his family. Get all the details at the table in the narthex.

8.    The flowers are placed by Tom and Alice Kraus in praise for their children and grandchildren, and in memory of family no longer with us.

9.    January Ushers: Byron Rimmer, Frank Allebach, Dave Freed, Brian Radcliff