March 12, 2023


  1. If you are new here and would like to know more about Jesus, Leidy’s Church, and how to get connected. Please fill out the Get Connected Card and put it in the Get Connected box on the left-hand side of the doors when you leave.
  2. Our sincere Christian sympathy to the family and friends of Buck Landis who died on Thursday. May God be with them at this time.
  3. As you partner with us in the work of the Kingdom, please place your gifts and offerings in the Get Connected pillars.
  4. Here We Stand, a conference celebrating essentials of the Christian life, is coming to Proclamation Presbyterian Church on April 28-30. Contact the office if interested in joining the group going.
  5. If you or someone you know is interested in being the Office Manager of Leidy’s Church, please contact inquiry@leidyschurch.org.
  6. What Are You Donating to the SLMT Mission Auction? It’s approaching rapidly. It needs lots of donations. Your apple pie, your skill at painting, your gift for folk for dinner, your love of game nights, your old antique clock that the kids don’t want, those tickets to the Phillies series against the Mets, and many other items make good donations for the Auction.
  7. OASIS is having another lunch! The date is March 30th and it begins at 11:30 a.m. Mark both your calendar AND the sign-up sheet on the wall across from the office. We need an accurate number for meal planning.
  8. We are excited to hear from the SLMT-Puerto Rico Teams this morning. Freshly returned from two weeks of work with the Haven of Hope, they give an encouraging and insightful report of all their activities.
  9. Men’s Bible Study meets this Friday morning at 5:30 in the Youth Room.
  10. Mission’s meets this Thursday evening at 7 in the Conference Room.
  11. The flowers are given in loving memory of Brandon by Gerald, Sherry, Blaine, Nicole, Tyler, Liam, Cooper, and Annalee Moyer.

Prayer Points

Please pray for those within our church family who are recovering.

  • Brian Lefty
  • Donna Frueh
  • Janice Kulp
  • Janie Inyang              
  • John Schilling
  • Karen Focht
  • Marj Talbot
  • Roger Jones
  • Sandy Derr
  • Sherman Focht                          
  • Tim Cressman
  • Terry Leidy            
  • The Erukula people in India now have believers among them in various stages of Christian growth. Some have believed for 3 or more years. Others are brand new Christians, having believed only in the past few weeks. All are on the road of Christian discipleship and ongoing growth in the ways of God – i.e. they, like us, are experiencing progressive sanctification. Growth in sanctification means learning to trust and believe God even when His Word challenges long-held personal beliefs, family traditions, cultural standards, and other concerns that determine what one believes and how one acts. A salutary verse to pray for the Erukula and us is Psalm 119:138 which says: You have commanded Your testimonies in righteousness, And exceeding faithfulness. May each of us – whether Erukulan or American – have such a settled conviction.
  • Pray for the 3,282,000 Shuwa Arab (99.5% Islam) in Chad and the 13,000 in Niger (100% Islam). Also known as the “Baggara,” they are semi nomadic primarily raising cattle. Although they are devoted to Islam, they also believe strongly in evil spirits. Their nomadic lifestyle makes it difficult for disciples of Jesus to reach them. Pray that God will call and equip His disciples to reach the Shuwa Arabs. Pray especially for the church cluster partnering with Global Disciples in Niger who feel called to reach this group. For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’ Acts 13:47          

Looking Ahead

  • March 30: OASIS Brunch
  • April 2: Palm Sunday
  • April 9: Easter Sunday
  • April 22: SLMT Auction
  • April 29 & 30: God Squad Performance

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