March 6, 2022



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Isaac Kehs 10th; Beverly Dettra, Brad Peck, Graham Vogelzang 14th; Sylvia Martindell 16th.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Dennis and Bonnie Doran 10th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Authority to Save and Judge.

JOIN US: Coffee and some sweets will be served immediately after the Sunday service at 11:15 in the foyer (narthex). Come and join us for a great chance to get to know others, catch up with one another and welcome newcomers to our Church Family.

WE WELCOME RITA WHITAKER to Leidy’s Church this morning. Rita leads a ministry that is timely and powerful: that is, to homeless single moms in Philadelphia. Her story of how this came about and how it is being carried out is a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of the Lord Jesus. Rita is the newest person on our Mission support list. We’re thankful for the providential manner in which God made us aware of what He’s doing through her.

JOIN US FOR OUR NEW monthly Church Prayer Meeting on Thursday, March 24th from 7:00-8:15pm in the Fellowship Hall to pray for God’s blessing on the life of our church family.

SPIRITUAL COUNCIL meets this Tuesday evening at 7:30 in the Conference Room (please take note of the change of meeting place).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for the Spring musical Faith News! We guarantee you'll be surprised by some of the Bible characters you'll meet! This is a multi-generational production that you can bring anyone to. Geared to young and old, you can be sure its chock full of Gospel truths...told through catchy songs that will have you humming the whole way home! It's been too long since the Sonshine Players have been on stage, don’t miss this opportunity to support our kids (and adult performers too!) on Saturday, March 26th @ 6:30 pm and Sunday, March 27th @ 4pm in our Fellowship Hall. No charge for admission...so bring lots of friends & neighbors!

IT'S IN AND AVAILABLE. The Spring quarter of The St. James Daily Devotional Guide is now available from the narthex hutch. This week was the first week of the Spring quarter, so it is a very timely arrival. Try it. You might like it.

EACH WEEK THE YOUTH OF LEIDY’S CHURCH gather to share life, learn about the Lord, play games and have a generally great time. Youth Fellowship is in need of volunteers, especially needed are female volunteers, to come alongside our teens.

If you have a passion for seeing the next generation come to know the Lord, please prayerfully consider helping. If you have any questions, or would like to help, please contact the church office or Pastor Michael.

PRAYER ROOM – A bulletin board has been set up in the Prayer Room (Rm. 117) on the first floor where you can tack up your prayer request and praises (answers to prayer requests). Stop in anytime the church is open and utilize this new way of receiving prayer requests and allowing our members and friends to join in praying for them.

THANK YOU from Beth Harbon for the prayers, cards, and the outpouring of love they received during the difficult time since her father’s sickness and his death.


  • In this Lenten season, let’s pray for God’s work of ongoing repentance and seeking after God among the Erukula people in India. They most likely know nothing of Lent. Nonetheless, just as we’re seeking the Lord to humble us, to allow us to be aware of our ongoing deep need of Christ’s work in our lives, so do they need that same work of God in their lives. A good verse to pray for the Erukula people and for us during this season is Psalm 119:26. May it be true for them and for us. I have told of my ways, and You have answered me; Teach me Your statutes. May each of us – and all of us – be honest before God, and may He work His good workmanship in us and through us.
  • Pray for the Kassena tribe of the Gurunsi people group in Burkina Faso. The Disciples of the Faso for Christ Discipleship Training School in Burkina Faso (fruit of the Niger Directors Training sponsored by Leidy’s Church) are reaching out to this tribe. The Kassena are located along the northern border of Burkina Faso and Ghana. They speak the Kasem language. Their primary religion is animism. They are known for their music, dance, painting, sculpture, and wooden masks. Pray that soon their singing and dancing will be in celebration of new life found in Jesus. As Psalm 108:3-5, puts it: I will praise You, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of You among the peoples. For great is Your love, higher than the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let Your glory be over all the earth.

WHEN SEASONS CHANGE – A ministry to widows - will meet March 22 at 6:30 - 8 pm in Rm. 211.Linda Williams will be joining us!

LEIDY’S CHURCH is the site again this year for the Living Word Mission Conference and Synod on Thursday, May 5th, through Saturday the 7th. They are seeking to hire some help with childcare, specifically afternoon on the 5th, between 8 am and 6 pm the 6th, and between 8 to 12:30 the 7th. Workers must be over 18 years of age and have PA Background checks completed. If interested, please email Phillip.shade@adlw.org.

Help us gather goods for the North Care Women's Clinic! The Church & Community Committee will be collecting the following items to donate to the clinic until the end of March. Please bring any of the following items to the table in the narthex if you'd like to help!

  • Diapers (size Newborn only)
  • Board books
  • Sleepers (size 0-3 & 3-6 months; boys & girls)
  • Baby towels and washcloths
  • Baby wash
  • Bibs

CONSISTORY meets this Wednesday evening at 7:30 in the Conference Room.

TIME TO CHANGE OUR CLOCKS. This is the bad one, the one where we lose an hour. So, on the evening of March 12th, set your clock ahead one hour. Then, you can awaken on Sunday morning and be able to arrive at Leidy’s Church in a timely fashion! It’s time to Spring Forward!

THE WOMEN’S MINISTRY of Leidy’s Church has planned a special event for next Saturday, March 12th from 8:30 to noon. Julie Henning, who shared her story with our ladies in 2008, has agreed to share with our ladies once again. Breakfast with Julie will feature breakfast prepared for the ladies by Chef Tony and his crew, followed by some special music and a presentation by Julie. Sign-up either in the narthex or use the link provided in the Weekly Leidy’s newsletter. Friends are welcome!

THANK YOU from Helen Hahn for the prayers and cards that she received since her surgery and recuperation. She is blessed to be part of such a caring church.