April 17, 2022



  • Noelle Im, Jenn Malone 21st; Jim Kinney 24th; Mariah Foote 25th; Peter Martindell 26th; Aaron Vogelzang 27th

THE MISSION COMMITTEE meets this Wednesday evening at 7 in the Conference Room.

THE BMCE BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL breakfast takes place on Thursday, May 12th, at the Franconia Heritage banquet facility. Special speaker is Jay Gordon from Grace Mennonite Church where he oversees the Upward Flag Football program. The breakfast begins at 6:30 and will end prior to 8. Tickets are $17 p/person and may be obtained from the church office, from Jack Parry, or from John Niederhaus.

LOVE CRADLE is loading a ministry shipping container this Tuesday for Ukraine and medical supplies, especially tourniquet and baby formula is still needed. If anyone would care to donate...please bring to the church office by 6pm this Monday.

LIFE TURNING POINT PHILLY is hosting an Open House on Sunday, May 1st. It begins at 1:30 with light refreshments, a program and Ribbon Cutting happens from 2 to 2:30, and from 2:30 to 4 will be Open House and Tours. Life Turning Point is located at 5200 Wayne Avenue in Philadelphia. Those planning to attend should RSVP to Vernica Williams at vernicaw@ltpphilly.org.

  • It’s Easter Week in India as well as here! Among the Erukula people group, many will be experiencing their first celebration of Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead. That, of course, is the great promise to all believers in Jesus that they too shall rise from the dead. As the 12 Church Planters work among the Erukula this week, let’s use Psalm 119:49 as a prayer for them: Remember the word to Your servant, In which You have made me hope. That word, of course, is the word of Jesus’ victory over death. May they – and all the believers among the Erukula – remember and rejoice in that triumphant word as they minister among those who still dwell in grave darkness. May the Lord Jesus likewise cause us to remember, rejoice in, and proclaim His great Easter victory.
  • During Ramadan our focus is on Muslim people groups that are in the Chad and Niger area. This week, let’s pray for the Fulani in western Niger, sometimes called "Gorgaabe", meaning "People of the west". Many of us have heard about the depredations carried out by “Fulani herdsmen.” That’s the group we want to pray for this week. They have a cumulative population of some 1,204,000 and are 99.98% Islam. Pray that the Lord Jesus will reveal himself to them through dreams and visions as they fast and pray. Pray that the Lord will open doorways for disciples to share the good news of Jesus. Pray that churches will be established (in due time!) that will make disciples who, in turn, will make disciples.