February 26, 2023


  1. If you are new here and would like to know more about Jesus, Leidy’s Church, and how to get connected. Please fill out the Get Connected Card and put it in the Get Connected box on the left-hand side of the doors when you leave.
  2. As you partner with us in the work of the Kingdom, please place your gifts and offerings in the Get Connected pillars.
  3. Ladies of Leidy’s are having their Annual Pot Luck Dinner on Tuesday, March 7th at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us for a night of great food and warm fellowship. Sign up is on the wall in the lobby.
  4. If you or someone you know is interested in being the Office Manager of Leidy’s Church, please contact inquiry@leidyschurch.org.
  5. Men’s Bible Study meets this Friday morning at 5:30 in the Youth Room. All men are welcome to attend.
  6. What are you donating to the SLMT Mission Auction? It’s approaching rapidly. It needs lots of donations. Your apple pie, your skill at painting, your gift for hosting folk for dinner, your love of game nights, your old antique clock that the kids don’t want, those tickets to the Phillies series against the Mets, and many other items make good donations for the Auction.
  7. SLMT-Puerto Rico Work Team One has now returned after a week of productive work and adventure. Work Team Two is now in Puerto Rico and set to pick up where Team One left off. Remember them in your prayers. They will return this Saturday. Also, don’t forget they will be presenting an overview of their labors on March 12th as part of Mission Month. Be present to hear them.
  8. The flowers are placed by Ken and Connie Merritt in loving memory of Ken’s parents and Connie’s father. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Prayer Points

Please pray for those within our church family who are recovering.

  • Donna Frueh
  • Janice Kulp
  • Janie Inyang              
  • John Schilling
  • Karen Focht
  • Marj Talbot
  • Roger Jones
  • Sandy Deer
  • Sherman Focht                          
  • Tim Cressman
  • Terry Leidy            
  • Love for the Word of God is a great gift. It is something to be cherished, nourished, and exercised. All Christians by virtue of their regeneration by the Holy Spirit have an inherent love for the Word of God. Not all Christians, however, cherish, nourish, and exercise it. The Erukula people have many who are illiterate. They know how much they lack and so go through the Literacy Program and learn to read. Often, while learning to read, they become Christians. As we pray for the Erukula people this week, let’s use Ps. 119:148 as our insight verse. Here’s what it says: My eyes anticipate the night watches, That I may meditate on Your Word. That’s the mark of someone who is cherishing, nourishing, and exercising his love for the Word of God. May the Erukula Christians have such a love and may Leidy’s Church Christians have it also.
  • Churches in Chad and Niger working with Global Disciples are in need of more than those with a call upon their lives to live among Unreached People Groups [UPG]. There is an urgent need for teachers and trainers and administrators also. The Church truly is a body and has need of all the different functioning parts. Those who go out to the UPGs often do not have gifts in teaching. Nor do they always have administrative gifts. Hence, the need for teachers to teach those going out and for administrators to keep track of all that’s going on and make certain all the necessary support materials are available. This week, let’s pray for God to raise up teachers and trainers and administrators among the churches of Niger and Chad. From whom [Christ] the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love. [Eph. 4:16]

Looking Ahead

  • March 30: OASIS Brunch
  • April 2: Palm Sunday
  • April 9: Easter Sunday
  • April 22: SLMT Auction
  • April 29 & 30: God Squad Performance

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